Degree Course Requirements - Fine Arts and Communication

Au.D. - Audiology

B.A. American Sign Language

B.A. American Sign Language - Advocacy

B.A. American Sign Language Teacher Certification

B.A. Music

B.F.A. Graphic Design

B.F.A. Studio Art Drawing

B.F.A. Studio Art Painting

B.F.A. Studio Art Photography

B.F.A. Studio Art Printmaking

B.F.A. Studio Art Sculpture

B.M. Composition - Piano Track, Band

B.M. Composition - Piano Track, Choral

B.M. Composition - Piano Track, Orchestra

B.M. Composition - Strings

B.M. Composition - Vocal

B.M. Composition - Winds or Percussion

B.M. Music Education - Band

B.M. Music Education - Choral

B.M. Music Education - Orchestra

B.M. Music Performance - Piano Track, Band

B.M. Music Performance - Piano Track, Choral

B.M. Music Performance - Piano Track, Orchestra

B.M. Music Performance - Strings

B.M. Music Performance - Vocal

B.M. Music Performance - Winds or Percussion

B.S. Graphic Design

B.S. Communication - Advertising

B.S. Communication - Broadcasting

B.S. Communication - Communication Studies

B.S. Communication - Corporate

B.S. Communication - Film

B.S. Communication - Journalism

B.S. Communication - Public Relations

B.S. Speech and Hearing Sciences

B.S. Studio Art Education

B.S. Theartre and Dance - Acting

B.S. Theatre and Dance - Dance

B.S. Theatre and Dance - Design and Technology

Public Relations Certificate

Sports Journalism Certificate

Vocology Certificate

Ed.D. Deaf Studies and Deaf Education

M.A. Deaf Studies

M.M. Music Education

M.M. Music Education Kodály Emphasis

Master of Music - Music Performance

M.S. Deaf Studies and Deaf Education

M.S. Speech-Language Pathology

Ph.D. Speech and Hearing Sciences