Degree Course Requirements - Arts and Sciences

AP M.S. Criminal Justice

B.A.A.S. - Applied Arts and Sciences

B.A. Biochemistry

B.A. Chemistry

B.A. Criminal Justice

B.A. English

B.A. English Teacher Certification

B.A. History

B.A. History Education - Teacher Education

B.A. History Education - Social Studies Teacher Certification

B.A. Math

B.A. Math - Teacher Certification

B.A. Modern Language - French

B.A. Modern Language - French Education

B.A. Modern Language - Spanish

B.A. Modern Language - Spanish Education

B.A. Political Science

B.A. Psychology

B.A. Sociology

B.G.S. - General Studies

B.S. Biology

B.S. Biology - Teacher Certification

B.S. Chemistry

B.S. Chemistry Biochemistry

B.S. Computer Information Sciences

B.S. Computer Science

B.S. Computer Science Game Development

B.S. Criminal Justice

B.S. Cybersecurity

B.S. Earth Science

B.S. Environmental Science

B.S. Forensic Chemistry

B.S. Geology

B.S. Math Education

B.S. Math General

B.S.N. Nursing

B.S. Nursing R.N. to B.S.N. Track

B.S.W. - Social Work

B.S. Physics

B.S. Political Science

B.S. Political Science Social Studies Certification

B.S. Psychology

B.S. Sociology

Computer Game Development Certificate

Cybersecurity Certificate

M.A. English

M.A. History

M.A. History - Public History

M.A. Teaching Spanish

M.P.A. - Public Administration

M.S. Applied Psychology

M.S. Biology Non-thesis

M.S. Biology Thesis

M.S. Chemistry Non-thesis

M.S. Chemistry Thesis

M.S. Computer Science

M.S. Criminal Justice - Capstone Track

M.S. Criminal Justice - Thesis Track

M.S. Math

M.S.N. Nursing Administration

M.S.N. Nursing Education

M.S.N. Nursing - R.N. to M.S.N. Track