Department of Theatre and Dance

Location: 101 Theatre Arts Building, (409) 880-8037

Director: Golden Wright,

The Department of Theatre & Dance at Lamar University is a cohesive and dynamic program in which the faculty and staff provide personalized instruction and mentorship for student growth. We develop imaginative, well-rounded students with critical thinking skills, creativity, and a passion for life-long learning. With diverse, process-oriented opportunities, including practical experience, students develop competitive and marketable skills in theatre and dance performance, production, and pedagogy. We encourage interdisciplinary collaboration, foster professionalism and artistic integrity, and embrace and cultivate diversity, while serving as a cultural resource for the university, the community, the state, and beyond.

This department provides a unique, one-of-a-kind, well-balanced curriculum in both theatre and dance and prepares students to enter professional careers, teaching professions, or other fields. Our Bachelor of Science in Theatre and Dance gives students a well-rounded foundation in theatre and dance courses in the professional program. Based on his or her interests and talent, each student also chooses an emphasis area in Acting, Dance or Technical Theatre. Courses in the emphasis of the student's choice concentrate on developing the student's skills, knowledge and capacities. Lamar University's three stages serve as laboratories for training -- in a traditional proscenium theatre, a black box theatre and an informal, open studio stage. Students participate in all phases of performance and production, including a wide range of theatrical works and dance concerts on the Lamar campus, throughout the state and nation. Theatre & Dance majors frequently benefit from nationally renown guest artists who are brought to the Lamar campus to present workshops, choreography, design and share their experiences and knowledge with our students. A variety of departmental and college endowed scholarships, as well as assistantships, are available to majors.

Degrees Offered

Bachelor of Science in Theatre & Dance with an emphasis in:
Technical Theatre

We also offer a minor in both theatre and dance.

Requirements for Theatre & Dance Majors

New students and transfers should refer to the admission requirements to the university and should consult the departmental handbook available on the department’s website for all policies and requirements. No audition or interview is necessary for admittance to the major; however, all students must attend a placement audition prior to the semester of admittance so that faculty can determine the student’s level of ability. New students and transfers must enroll in THEA 2101 (Production) for four semesters and THEA 4101 for four semesters while they are enrolled at Lamar. A theatre or dance theory course with a grade of “D” or lower will not apply toward graduation requirement for the major or the minor. A dance studio course with grade "C" or lower will not apply to the dance emphasis major. All majors are required to attend monthly company meetings and production strikes.

Bachelor of Science — Theatre & Dance Total Min. Hours: 120

Theatre Minor (25 hours)                                  

Lower Level                                                      

THEA 1330 (3)

THEA 1351 (3)

THEA 2375 (3)

THEA 2101 (2)

Upper Level                                                      

THEA 3330 (3)

THEA 3361 (3)

THEA 3380 (3)

THEA 4101 (2)

THEA 4360 (3)

Dance Minor (24 hours)                                    

Studio Courses At least one studio course must be at the upper level         

DANC 1241, 2241, 3241 (4)

DANC 1245, 2245, 3245 (4)

DANC 1247, 2247, 3247, 1210, 2210, 3210 (4)

DANC 1151 (2)

Theory Courses*                                               

DANC 2301 (3)

DANC 3160 (1)

DANC 3325, 3380, 4310, 4360 (6)