Department of Communication

Location: 100 Communication Building, Phone: (409) 880-8153

Chair:  Dr. Natalie Tindall,

The Department of Communication offers the Bachelor of Science degree in Communication for students interested in the study of—and careers in—advertising, broadcasting, corporate communication (including public relations), film, and journalism.

Secondary teacher certification plans are offered in Speech and Journalism in conjunction with the College of Education and Human Development. Students interested in details concerning requirements for teacher certification and the professional education course requirements should consult the College of Education and Human Development section of this catalog.

A new student beginning study at Lamar University must meet all admission requirements of Lamar University. Transfer students or students who wish to enter Department of Communication programs by change of major must meet the same requirements or hold a minimum grade point average of 2.00 or better. Grades of “D” are not accepted as course completion for required classes in departmental majors, nor are they acceptable as course completion for classes to be used as professional electives by student majors within the department.

Programs of Study

All majors in the department must complete the basic core curriculum requirements of Lamar University as their academic foundation course work. The student’s advisor will provide direction to the student concerning departmental requirements within the core curriculum when course choices are available to meet the university’s core curriculum requirements. PSYC 2301 should be taken to meet the social science requirement. Within the curriculum for the Bachelor of Science in Communication, students may specialize in one of the following areas:

Bachelor of Science in Communication–120 hours

The bachelor’s degree program in communication prepares students for careers in advertising, broadcasting, corporate communication, film, or journalism and requires each student to complete a REQUIRED departmental core curriculum of ten courses (30 hours). Students will complete an additional six classes (18 hours) in communication for their specific career interests.

Required classes for the departmental core curriculum include COMM 1370, 1307, 1373, 1318, 4340 or 4390 (capstone courses); nine hours of communication theory courses; and six hours of communication performance courses. See a Communication Department advisor for information about these courses. Students interested in the career fields noted above should consult a faculty advisor for specific professional electives. This program serves as an appropriate curriculum for those who wish a career as a communication practitioner or for those that want to enter law school, a seminary, or to pursue a graduate degree.

Communication Minor

A total of 18 hours of communication courses are required for a minor, of which nine hours must be upper level. The department will not accept any grade in the minor below a "C."

Required courses: COMM 1307 or COMM 1370 and COMM 1318 or 1373, and 12 other COMMUNICATION  hours selected by the student with the approval of Communication Department advisor; nine of which are upper level. The chosen courses should reflect enhancement of the student’s career plans or other life goals.

Teacher Certification in Speech Communication Preparation Courses: COMM 1307, COMM 1318, COMM 2373, COMM 2341, COMM 2335, COMM 3340, COMM 3390, COMM 4301 or COMM 4383

Teacher Certification in Journalism Preparation Courses: COMM 1373, COMM 2311, COMM 2372, COMM 3130 (taken 3 semesters), COMM 3330, COMM 3361, COMM 3381, COMM 4310