Department of Management and Marketing

Location: 235 Galloway Business Bldg., Phone: (409) 880-8622

Chair: K.C. Sen

Degrees Offered

Bachelor of Business Administration in


Management involves the coordination of resources—both human resources (people) and non-human resources (machine, materials, etc.)—to achieve organizational objectives efficiently. The curriculum in management, therefore, provides the student with an understanding of the specialized functional areas and with a broad, integrated view of the firm as a whole. Men and women with university degrees in Management are equipped to advance more rapidly into positions of increasing responsibility in private business firms, in not-for-profit organizations, and in government.

Human Resources Management

Human Resources Management involves the recruitment, selection, maintenance, and development of human resources by organizations. It includes such diverse functional areas as interviewing, training, compensation and benefits, health and safety, and labor relations. University graduates in Human Resources Management are found in all types of business firms, larger service organizations, and governmental agencies.


Marketing, as a professional field, is concerned with the whole range of activities that facilitate the movement of goods and services from the producer to the ultimate consumer. The Marketing curriculum provides the student with a fundamental understanding of each of the specialties involved in the process as well as with the management of the marketing function generally. Typical kinds of careers open to Marketing graduates include advertising, market research, sales and sales management, purchasing, services marketing, business-to-business marketing, brand management, consumer behavior, and retail management.

The following requirements are effective for all students entering or transferring into Human Resources, Management and Marketing:

  1. A minimum overall 2.0 GPA is required to enter these programs.
  2. In order to graduate, a student must have a minimum 2.5 GPA within their discipline (major specialization courses).

Academic Counseling

Management, Marketing and Human Resources Management majors are assigned an academic advisor when they first enter the program. Students who are seniors are advised by the department chair.