AP MEd School Counseling

Fall 2015

Degree: Master of Education
Major: School Counseling
Concentration: None

Required Courses for Major

CNDV 5301 Human Growth and Development

CNDV 5303 Introduction to School Counseling

CNDV 5310 Counseling Skills

CNDV 5311 Individual Counseling Theories and Techniques

CNDV 5312 Group Counseling Theories and Techniques

CNDV 5320 Multicultural Counseling

CNDV 5322 Professionalism, Ethics, and the Law

CNDV 5323 Career Development

CNDV 5330 Developmental Guidance and Counseling

CNDV 5334 Measurement and Assessment

CNDV 5352 Crisis Prevention and Intervention

CNDV 5353 Research and Program Evaluation

CNDV 5380 Seminar (Lamar University Academic Residency)

CNDV 5390 School Counseling Practicum*

CNDV 5394 Internship#

*Practicum: 100 Contact Hours - 3 Hours Credit

#Internship: 600 Contact Hours - 6 Hours Credit (course must be taken twice)