M.S. Speech-Language Pathology

Fall 2014

Degree: Master of Science
Major: Speech-Language Pathology

Required Courses for Major

SPHS 5301 Aphasia and Neurogenic Disorders

SPHS 5302 Stuttering

SPHS 5304 Language-Based Disorders of School-Aged Children

SPHS 5306 Language disorders of Young Children

SPHS 5307 Articulation Disorders

SPHS 5308 Neuropathologies II

SPHS 5309* Advanced Clinical Pracicum

SPHS 5321 Research in Communication Disorders

SPHS 5350 Individual Study

SPHS 5350 Individual Study

SPHS 5351 Individual Study

*Students typically enroll in SPHS 5309 six times

Elective Courses


Leveling or Deficiency Courses(if required):

SPHS 2370 Phonetics

SPHS 3318 Speech Anatomy

SPHE 4334 Audiology

SPHS 3310 Language Acquisition

SPHS 4332 Neurology

SPHS 3314 Speech & Hearing Science

SPHS 4342 Aural Rehabilitation

SPHS 3320 Language and Phonetical Disorders in Children