Ph.D. Chemical Engineering

Fall 2014

Degree: Doctor of Philosophy
Major: Chemical Engineering
Concentration: None

Required Courses for Major

Core Courses (15 Hours):

CHEN 5302 Transport Phenomena
CHEN 5352 Advanced Process Control
CHEN 6343 Kinetics and Reactor Sustainability
CHEN 6345 Fundamentals of Sustainability
CHEN 6347 Advanced Thermodynamics
CHEN 6348 Advanced Chemical Engineering Mathematics

Elective Courses

21 Hours of elective courses in chemical engineering or related fields (electives from other colleges must be approved on a case-by-case basis). 


ENGR 6110 (4 Hours)

Research Project (12 hours):

CHEN 6680 for regular semester
CHEN 6380 for summer

Must be completed prior to admissions for candidacy

Ph.D. Dissertation Courses (18 Hours):

CHEN 6690 and CHEN 6691 - for regular semester
CHEN 6390 and CHEN 6391 - for summer

to be completed after admission to candidacy