M.S. Environmental Engineering

Fall 2014

Degree: Master of Science
Major: Environmental Engineering

Required Courses for Major

Select three from the list below:

CHEM 5301 Special Topics in Environmental Chemistry

BIOL 5301 Special Topics in Environmental Microbiology

CVEN 5325 Fundamentals of Air Pollution

CVEN 5329 Water Supply and Treatment

CVEN 5331 Biological Wastewater Treatment

CVEN 5351 Water and Wastewater Treatment

CVEN 6387 Hydraulics of Environmental Systems

Elective Courses

BIOL 5430 Limnology

BIOL 5470 Ecology of Polluted Waters

CHEM 5411 Biochemistry I

CVEN 5324 Models in Hydrological Systems

CVEN 5326 Hydrologic and Hydrodynamic Processes

CVEN 5338 Solid Waste Management

CVEN 5342 Reactor Design for Environmental Systems

CVEN 5343 Industrial Waste Treatment

CVEN 6339 Hazardous Waste Management

CVEN 5347 Statistical Principles in Engineering

GEOL 5301 - Hydrogeology

GEOL 5301 - Principles of GIS

CVEN 6339 Hazardous Waste Management

ENGR 6389 Computer-Aided Software Engineering

Other electives can be approved upon request


Students without a B.S. in Engineering muct consult with the program director for deficiency courses


36 Thesis, 39 Non-Thesis