Master of Engineering Management

Fall 2014

Degree: Master of Engineering Management
Major: Engineering Management

Required Courses for Major

INEN 5369 Engineering Management

INEN 5320 Statistical Decision-Making for Engineers or INEN 5370 Operations Research

INEN 5316 Industrial Management or INEN 5376 Occupational Ergonomics

INEN 5366 Advanced Engineering Economics

ACCT 5200 Financial Accounting


The M.E.M. degree is typically tailored to meet the desired educational objectives of each individual student in consultation with an advisor. The following are examples of typical program options. Substitutions and/or modifications to the courses on each of these programs can be accomplished with the approval of the student's advisor.

  1. M.E.M. for Industrial Engineering
  2. M.E.M. for Quality Management
  3. M.E.M. for Construction Project Management
  4. M.E.M. for Environmental Management
  5. M.E.M. for Chemical Engineering
  6. M.E.M. for Electrical Engineering
  7. M.E.M. for Industrial Project Management
  8. M.E.M. for Mechanical Engineering

Elective Courses

Business Administration - 6 to 18 hours  of 5000 level courses from ACCT, BCOM, BULW, ECON, FINC, MKTG, MGMT, previously approved by the program advisor. Enrollment in some courses could require pre-approval by the offering department or instructor.

Technical Discipline - 6 to 18 hours of 5000 level courses in ENGR, CVEN, CHEN, ELEN, INEN, MEEN, MISY, COSC, CMGT previously approved by the program advisor. Enrollment in some courses could require pre-approval by the offering department or instructor.


Must satisfactorily complete a final, comprehensive exam.


For students in the M.E.M. program with non-engineering backgrounds, the following pre-requisite courses are mandatory and must be completed in addition to their corresponding program of study:

1. Calculus I

2. A math course beyond Calculus I (Calculus II, Differential Equations or Linear Algebra)

3. Computer programming course or experience programming in a computer language (C++, Java, Visual Basic, or similar) or, one probability and/or statistics course or, one semester of Calculus based Physics

4. Two additional courses with significant math, programming, science or engineering material. Examples of courses to satisfy this requirement include Physics II, any computer programming courses, statics or mechanics, circuits, upper division physics courses, Operations Research, any upper division chemistry course, upper division engineering courses, Quantitative Finance, Econometrics, any courses with a Calculus pre-requisite, and human factors / ergonomics courses. Approval of these courses is based on the admission committee recommendation. Most students with STEM undergraduates will satisfy this requirement without additional courses.

 Additional pre-requisites

Additional pre- requisite courses might be assigned by the admission committee based on the student’s area of study and background. Any courses taken as pre-requisites will not count towards the hours of the degree.

For students of the Master of Engineering Management, the academic departments offering courses in specific technical areas (Electrical engineering, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering) could require additional undergraduate courses before enrolling in graduate level courses. Non-engineering background M.E.M. students will request authorization to enroll from each academic department as needed.

 Course work requirements

Students with non-engineering backgrounds must also take a design course (CIMS or other). Students without engineering background may be admitted into the M.E.M. program if the pre-requisite courses have been taken in their previous degrees. If the pre-requisites have not been taken, students without engineering background may be admitted into the M.E.M. program with contingency on these pre-requisites passed with a minimum of Grade B during the graduate study. The final interpretation of the pre-requisite courses is privilege of the M.E.M. admission committee.

Online M.E.M. program option

The M.E.M. online program is designed for students to complete the program of studies through online education. All above stated requirements are the same for the online M.E.M. program option. The M.E.M. online program at Lamar University has the following courses available online.


ACCT 5200  Financial Accounting Foundations

BULW 5200  Legal Environment of Business

ECON 5200  Foundations of Economics

FINC 5200  Foundations of Finance

INEN 5312  Quality Control

INEN 5316  Industrial Management

INEN 5319  Design of Experiments

INEN 5320  Statistical Decision Making

INEN 5350 Production and Inventory Control

INEN 5354 Lean Manufacturing

INEN 5357 Supply Chain Management

INEN 5363 Six Sigma

INEN 5366 Adv. Engineering Economics

INEN 5369 Engineering Management

INEN 5370 Operations Research

MGMT 5200 Organizational Behavior

MGMT 5370 Supply Chain Management

MISY 5340 ERP Overview

MISY 5360 Business Intelligence

MKTG 5200 Marketing Concepts

The list of the courses online is constantly being revised and updated. Please consult with the program academic advisor for the most recent list of courses available online.