Doctor of Engineering

Fall 2014

Degree: Doctor of Engineering
Major: Engineering
Concentration: None

Required Courses for Major

Complete 9 hours of Core Coursework, including one course from each category.

1. Mathematics and Statistics

CHEN 6348 Advanced Chemical Engineering Math
CVEN 5347 Statistical Principle in Engineering Systems
ELEN 5346 Digital Signal Processing
INEN 5320 Statistical Decision Making for Engineers
MEEN 5304 Advanced Engineering Analysis

2. Optimization/Management

ENGR 5301-05 Sp. topics: Optimization of Chemical Processes
CVEN 6388 Comp. Mtds. of Engr. Project Management
ENGR 5301-37 Special Topics: Stochastic Signal & Systems
INEN 5370 Operations Research
MEEN 5312 Optimization of Thermal/Mechanical Systems

3. Simuation/Control

CHEN 5352 Advanced Process Control
CVEN 5326 Hydrology and Hydrodynamic Processes
ELEN 5307 Computer Networks I
INEN 5375 Simulation of Industrial Systems
MEEN 5326 Control of Mechanical Systems

Elective Courses


  • A Minimum of 4 Hours professional seminar (ENGR 6110).
  • Completion of the diagnostic examination (Form D1A and D1B).
  • A minimum of 18 semester hours of field study preparatory courses (including ENGR 6320 - Justification of Engineering Project) (Form D3).
  • Completion of ENGR 6320, a formal engineering proposal and candidacy examination (Form D2, D4A, D4B and D5).
  • Completion of the field study (ENGR 6601 and ENGR 6602, a minimum of 30 semester hours of field study).
  • Completion and defense of field study (advanced engineering design) or dissertation (engineering research). (Form D6A and D6B).