M.S. Kinesiology

Fall 2014

Degree: Master of Science
Major: Kinesiology
Concentration: Research Paper

Required Courses for Major

KINT 5320 Kinesiology and Sport Pedagogy
KINT 5340 Scientific Basis of Exercise
KINT 5360 Research Methods
KINT 5365 Statistical Applications in Kinesiology
KINT 5367 Measurement and Evaluation

KINT 5370 Research Paper I
KINT 5371 Research Paper II

Elective Courses

Complete 9 hours from one of the following tracks

Sport Studies

KINT 5326 Motor Learning
KINT 5330 Sport Management
KINT 5334 Coaching: Theory and Practice
KINT 5335 Sports Psychology

Exercise Science

KINT 5342 Environmental Exercise Physiology
KINT 5343 Cardiopulmonary Exercise Physiology
KINT 5346 Exercise Prescription
KINT 5348 Lab Techniques


Complete 6 hours from the following:

KINT 5322 Curriculum Development
KINT 5324 Instructional Methods
KINT 5333 Sport in Society
KINT 5336 Physical Activity, Fitness and Health
KINT 5344 Strength and Conditioning
KINT 5350 Biomechanics