M.Ed. Special Education

Fall 2014

Required Courses for Major

1. Core Courses 24 Hours Required

PEDG 5310 Research/Current Issues in Education 
PEDG 5340 Normal Human Growth and Development
PEDG 5350 The Learning Process
PEDG 5334 Tests, MEasurements and Evaluation
SPED 5361 Survey of Exceptional Learners
SPED 5388 Reading & Language Arts for the Exceptional Learner
PEDG 5344 School Law
SPED 5375 Content Area Reading

Elective Courses

Specialization Areas (Select One)

Autism Concentration (12 Hours)
SPED 5370 Introduction to Autism Spectrum Disorders
SPED 5371 Autism and Applied Behavior Analysis
SPED 5372 Models of Behavioral Interventions
SPED 5373 Behavioral Assessment and Data Analysis

Gifted and Talented Concentration (12 Hours)
GTED 5356 The Gifted Learner
GTED 5357 Creativity and the Gifted Learner
GTED 5358 Foundations and Issues in Gifted Education
GTED 5359 Gifted and Talented Curriculum

Special Education Concentration (12 Hours)
SPED 5362 Psychoeducational Evaluation of Exceptional Children
SPED 5364 Behavior Modification and Contingency Management of Diabled Learners
SPED 5365 Instructional Processes with Exceptional Children
PEDG 5366 Modification of Curriculum and Instruction for the Atypical Learner