M.Ed. Technology Leadership

Fall 2014

Degree: Master of Education
Major: Educational Technology
Concentration: None

Required Courses for Major

1. Educational Technology LEadership Core (24 Hours)

EDLD 5301 Research
EDLD 5306 Concepts of Educational Technology
EDLD 5362 Information Systems Management
EDLD 5363 Multimedia and Video Technology
EDLD 5364 Teaching with Technology
EDLD 5366 Digital Graphics and Desktop Publishing
EDLD 5370 Internship in Educational Technology
EDLD 5397 Internship in Supervision

2. Educational Leadership Core (12 Hours)

EDLD 5333 Leadership for Accountability
EDLD 5345 Human Resource Development
EDLD 5344 School Law
EDLD 5326 School-Community Relations

Elective Courses