Course Directory

Applied Arts and Sciences (AASC)

Accounting (ACCT)

Air Force ROTC (AFSC)

Anthropology (ANTH)

Art (ARTS)

Business Communications (BCOM)

Biology (BIOL)

Bridge Students (BRDG)

Busi Analysis and Computing (BUAL)

Business Law (BULW)

Business Administration (BUSI)

Chemistry (CHEM)

Chemical Engineering (CHEN)

Chinese (CHIN)

Construction Management (CMGT)

Counseling and Development (CNDV)

Communications (COMM)

Computer Science (COSC)

Computer Information Science (CPSC)

Criminal Justice (CRIJ)

College Readiness Math (CRMA)

College Readiness Reading (CRRE)

College Readiness Writing (CRWT)

Civil Engineering (CVEN)

Dance (DANC)

Developmental Math (DMTH)

Deaf Studies Deaf Educ (DSDE)

Developmental Writing (DWRT)

Early Childhood (EACH)

Economics (ECON)

Educational Leadership (EDLD)

Education (EDUD)

English Intensive Study Korean (EISK)

Electrical Engineering (ELEN)

English (ENGL)

Engineering (ENGR)

English Second Language (ENSL)

Intensive Eng Second Lang (ESLI)

Family and Consumer Science (FCSC)

Finance (FINC)

French (FREN)

Geology (GEOL)

German (GERM)

Gifted & Talented Education (GTED)

History (HIST)

Health (HLTH)

Honors (HNRS)

Humanities (HUMA)

Industrial Engineering (INEN)

Kinesiology Activities (KINA)

Kinesiology Theory (KINT)

Library Studies (LIBR)

Lamar Lang Inst Eng (LLIA)

University Success (LMAR)

Mathematics (MATH)

Mechanical Engineering (MEEN)

Management (MGMT)

Management Information Systems (MISY)

Marketing (MKTG)

Nursing Administration (MSNA)

Nurs Admin Nurs Educ (MSNC)

Nursing Education (MSNE)

Applied Music (MUAP)

Music Education (MUED)

Music Laboratory (MULB)

Music Literature (MULT)

Music Business Survey (MUSB)

Music (MUSI)