MS Deaf Studies Deaf Education

Catalog Term Fall 2012

Degree: Master of Science
Major: Deaf Studies/Deaf Education
Concentration: None

Required Courses for Major

Deaf Education

DSDE 5309 Advanced Clinical Practicum
DSDE 5310 Multicultural and Deafness
DSDE 5313 Speech & Audio Deaf Education
DSDE 5314 Advanced Deaf Studies
DSDE 5318 ASL/ENG Bilingual Education & Deaf
DSDE 5319 ASL/ENF Bilingual Lit & Deaf
DSDE 5320 ASL/ENG Bilingual Assessment
DSDE 5321 Instructional Design
DSDE 5322 Modern Math & Science
DSDE 5326 Psychology of Deafness
DSDE 5328 Multi-disabled Deaf
DSDE 5329 Law and Deaf Education


PEDG 5330 Essentials of Effective Teaching
PEDG 5340 Normal Human Growth & Dev
PEDG 5350 The Learning Process
PEDG 5375 Content Area Reading
PEDG 5387 Teaching Reading in Elementary Schools
PEDG 5345 Instructional Design
PEDG 5383 Internship 

Free Electives


Leveling Courses:

DSDE 1304 Introduction to Deaf Studies
DSDE 2375 American Sign Language I
DSDE 2376 American Sign Language II
DSDE 3306 American Sign Language III
DSDE 4307 American Sign Language IV