Career Assessment

Need a Start? Take a Career Assessment!

Are you unsure of what you should major in, your strengths, or how you work with others?  Take a Career Assessment!  Career Assessments help you to identify career fields that pertain to your specific interest and skills sets.  The KuderJourney and the O*net assessments are used to help identify what majors may be best suited to you based upon your interests, skills, and values. Please view the KuderJourney or the O*net assessments below for detailed information.



  • Go to the KuderJourney at
  • Select ‘New Users’ from the Login Area to begin the registration process.
  • Select ‘Student’ and choose your grade level from the dropdown menu. Or, select ‘Adult’ and choose your user type from the dropdown menu.
  • Click ‘Continue’ to create your account.
  • Create your user name and password.
  • Enter ‘J4344584RKW' for the Activation Code field.
  • Check the box next to “ I have read and agree to the terms and conditions of use” after reading the information.
  • Click ‘Register’ to complete the process.

Taking an Assessment

  • Click on “Assessments” from the top navigation menu.
  • Choose “Take an Assessment” and click on all three of the assessment titles
    • Take the ‘Career Interests Assessment’
    • Take the ‘ Skills Confidence Assessment’
    • Take the ‘Work Values Assessment’
  • Once you complete the assessments, use your results and the other available tools form the top navigation menu to support your ongoing education and career exploration planning

If you would like a Career Consultant to discuss your results with you please contact our offices at 409-880-8878.