Minor Program in Business

Non-business students, you may minor in business without any specialized field of study. You must complete seven (7) classes: six (6) required classes and one (1) elective class from the following list.  Additional prerequisites are shown in parenthesis.

The six required courses (18 hours) are:
ACCT 2301
ECON 1301
FINC 3310 (ACCT 2301 & ECON 1301)
MGMT 3310
MISY 3310 (MISY 1373)
MKTG 3310

You must also complete one of the following elective courses (3 hours):
BULW 3310
BULW 3320     Spring only
BULW 3330     Summer only
BULW 3340     Fall only
ECON 3310 (ECON 2301)     Fall & Spring only
MGMT 3320
MGMT 3330 (MGMT 3310)     Fall & Spring only
MISY 3395
MISY 4390

In keeping with the spirit of a Minor, you must have less than 25 percent of their total curriculum in Business subjects. This 25 percent restriction also applies to all students who are not registered for a major in the College of Business but wish to have any business emphasis or concentration.