Minor in Management Information Systems

To receive a minor in MIS, you must complete six courses, including four required courses and two elective courses from the list.

The four required courses (12 hours) are:
MISY 3310: Principles of Management Information Systems (SAP)
MISY 3340: IS Infrastructure
MISY 3370: IS Analysis and Design
MISY 4370: ERP Overview (SAP)

The two elective courses (6 Hours) should be taken from the list below:
MISY 3395: E-Commerce Design and Development (SAP) (with MKTG 3350 E-Marketing as a course substitution)
MISY 3350/3360: Java Development/Visual Basic Programming
MISY 4350: Project Management and Practice (with MGMT 3340 Project Management as a course substitution)
MISY 4380: IS Development
MISY 4390: Business Intelligence (SAP)