Minor in Construction Management

Why Minor in Construction Management?

Be a part of the growing construction industry by minoring in Construction Management (CM). CM Minors understand the terminology and priorities of the construction world, without getting into the mechanical, structural, and electrical components of building projects. CM Minors can go on to work for construction companies as office managers, sales representatives, human resources managers, purchasing representatives, and more.

Minor in Construction Management

A minor in construction management requires a minimum of 19 hours and a maximum 24 hours of CMGT courses, as listed below.

1.      Complete any six hours from the following: CMGT 1310(3), 1320(3), 2310(3);

2.      Complete CMGT 2420(4);

3.      Complete CMGT 3320(3);

4.      Complete CMGT 3370(3); and

5.      Complete any three hours from the following to bring the total to at least 19 hours: 4100(1), 4310(3), 4350(3), 4420(4).

Advising Notes for CM Minors

CM classes are offered once a year in the Fall or Spring.

CM classes are not offered in the Summer.

When planning to take a CM class, please note the following guidelines:

·        To take a 2000-level class, you must have 30 earned hours toward your degree.

·        To take a 3000-level class, you must have 60 earned hours toward your degree.

·        To take a 4000-level class, you must have 90 earned hours toward your degree.

·        CM classes may have additional requirements, so please confirm with the CM Office before registration.

Course Descriptions

CMGT 1310 (F) - Introduction to Construction Management (2 hrs lecture/2 hrs lab) An introduction to the construction industry and management of construction projects. Materials and methods used in light, heavy, and industrial construction industries, including soils, above and below ground piping, concrete, asphalt, etc. Construction of a small project. Applies principles of ethics, oral and written communication.

CMGT 1320 (S) - Light Construction Materials and Methods (2 hrs lecture/2 hrs lab) This course studies light-duty construction systems and an introduction to BIM/CAD. Topics include light frame construction, interior and exterior finish systems, insulation, and sustainability. Course will focus on the development of a fundamental knowledge base for managing construction projects through case study and hands-on experience. Applies principles of oral and written communication. Lab activities may include job site visits and performing field tests.

CMGT 2310 (F) - Heavy Construction Materials and Methods (2 hrs lecture/2 hrs lab) Introduction to heavy construction principles and the use of BIM/CAD, materials, assemblies and print reading; foundations; concrete construction—including cast-in-place, precast concrete systems, and formwork; masonry; finishes; and steel construction. Also applies oral and written communications. Lab activities may include job site visits and performing field work and tests.

CMGT 2420 (S) - Construction Graphics Communication (3 hrs lecture/2 hrs lab) Study and practice of communicating through manual and digital graphics. Emphasis on developing hand-printing and hand-sketching abilities; reading civil, commercial, and industrial construction documents; developing three-dimensional building information modeling (BIM) ability; and using these concepts to perform construction estimating and layout. Prerequisite:  MATH 1414 or equivalent with grade of “C” or better.

CMGT 3320 (F) - Construction Project Management (3 hrs) Study of the concepts and tools used for the management and control of the construction jobsite, including topics of safety, equipment management, quality control. Covers elements of construction ethics.

CMGT 3370 (F) - Construction Safety Management (3 hrs) The study of safety standards, procedures and tools used in the construction industry. Emphasis on applicable safety codes, OSHA safety requirements, job safety analysis, and the history and impact of construction safety. Covers elements of construction ethics. Prerequisite: CMGT 2420.

CMGT 4100 (S) - Construction Management Internship/Independent Study (1 hr) Four hundred hours of pre-planned, unique practicum that provides knowledge and skills not found in the traditional classroom setting. Special learning objectives in one of the following is recommended, but other objectives will be considered: project management, acquisition and development of residential land, scheduling, construction technology, field operations, office operations, building materials, estimating, finance, marketing, construction management, and/or land use codes and regulations. A final report is required under supervision of an academic advisor. Minimum GPA requirements are enforced.  This class is taken summer of the Junior year.

CMGT 4310 (S) - Construction Project Control Systems (3 hrs) Basic construction project management and scheduling procedures. Work breakdown structure, critical path method, and scheduling logic. Activity durations, status reports, resource allocation, and control. Covers elements of construction ethics.

CMGT 4350 (S) - Legal Practices in Construction (3 hrs) Construction contracts for commercial projects. Contract procedures, bidding, changes, substitutions, specifications, insurance, bonding, claims, disputes, and payments. Responsibilities of owners and contractors. Covers national and local labor law, and labor relations. Prerequisite: BULW 3310.

CMGT 4420 (F) - Cost Estimating and Analysis (4 hrs) Estimation of construction project costs, direct and indirect, labor, depreciation, material and equipment. Overhead and profit. Topics in cost management include: financial statements, job cost accounting systems, equipment depreciation, forecasting and time value of money, and cost control procedures Bidding and computer-based estimating. Prerequisites:  CMGT 2420 and CMGT 3320 with a minimum grade of “C” or better.