Business Education

Business Education

Business Education

What is business education?

The Business Education Concentration is an interdisciplinary program between the College of Business and the Department of Professional Pedagogy. This field of study is designed for an individual who would like to pursue a career in secondary education and is interested in majoring in business but who is undecided about an area of specialization.

Is business education the right fit for me?

  • Are you always prepared?
  • Are you organized?
  • Do you consider yourself a great communicator?
  • Are you a patient person? 


What are some of the courses I might take?

Introduction to Teacher Education

Human Development and Learning

Secondary Curriculum and Methodology

Secondary Methodology and Classroom Management

Student Teaching in the Secondary School

Reading and Literacy Strategic Content Areas

Degree Course Requirements


What kind of path will I take upon graduation?

Although the most common path for business education majors upon graduation is secondary education. A general business degree with a business education focus allows for a solid foundation in business topics. This foundation leads to a variety of possible careers. 

Business education majors often become

Secondary Educators

Real Estate Agents

Insurance Agents

Human Resources Specialists


Program Director

Letter From the Program Director

Dr. Marleen Swerdlow

Welcome to Lamar University’s College of Business! The Office of General Business Programs offers seven concentrations in General Business:  Advertising and Communications, Business, Business Education, Construction Management, Entrepreneurship, Industrial Engineering, and Retail Management. 

The College of Business through its business core provides our students with a firm foundation in business.  Each of the General Business Concentrations adds specialization courses in various areas to provide the student with additional business or nonbusiness classes to prepare them for their future career. 

There are five interdisciplinary concentrations with other Colleges at Lamar. The degree plan for Advertising and Communication Concentration provides the student with additional Marketing classes as well as classes from the Department of Art and the Department of Communication. This concentration combines a solid knowledge of business with the creation and placement of information designed to produce sales.  The Retail Management Concentration requires one additional marketing course and the remaining specialization courses are from the Department of Family and Consumer Science. This concentration is designed for individuals wanting to pursue career paths in fashion coordination, visual merchandising, and buying and retail management.  The specialization courses for the Industrial Engineering Concentration are taught in the Department of Industrial Engineering.  This combined education enables a graduate to make decisions concerning products to manufacture or services to provide, layout of the production facilities, materials used in manufacturing a product, production procedure, quality control, and inventory control as well as methods of motivating and rewarding employees.   The degree plan for the Business Education Concentration degree plan contains additional business courses and all of the pedagogy courses from the College of Education that would be necessary to work towards obtaining Teacher Certification in Secondary Education. Our newest interdisciplinary concentration is in Construction Management.  Its specialization courses are all taught by Construction Management faculty and this concentration enables a graduate to focus more on the financial and managerial roles in the construction organization and to pursue employment as office managers, sales representatives, human resource managers, and purchasing representatives.

Two of our Concentrations provide additional specialization courses in business:  The Concentration in Business (General Business) provides additional courses in Accounting, Finance, Management, and Marketing so that a graduate with this concentration would be able to work in a small to medium size company and know a little about every subject without having to major in one.  The Concentration in Entrepreneurship provides additional courses in Accounting, Finance, and Management as well as three courses designed for Entrepreneurs or people who want to work for Entrepreneurs. 

Once again, I welcome you to Lamar University. I am always happy to visit with potential students about the various General Business Concentrations.  Please contact me with your questions.


Marleen Roosth Swerdlow

Director, General Business Programs