Hiroki Watanabe


Dr. Hiroke Watanabe
Assistant Professor

Phone: (409) 880- 8657
Email: hwatanabe@lamar.edu
Office: Galloway Business Building Room 266

 Ph.D.   Washington University

Courses Taught


Macro Economics 
Principles (Macro) 
Principles (Micro) 
Principles and Policies

Professional Experience

Academic Experience 

Instructor, Assistant Professor of Economics, Lamar University (2014 - Present), Beaumont, Texas. 


Professional Service 

Reviewer - Article / Manuscript
2016:  Journal of Urban Economics (International).  Sent in anonymous referee's report on one of the manuscripts submitted to the journal at the request of the editor.

Institutional Service 

College Assignments

2015-2016:  Multicultural Enhancement Committee  
2015-2016:  Commencement Committee
2015-2016:  Undergraduate Programs Committee  
2013-2014 – 2014-2015:  Multicultural Enhancement Committee Lamar University  

University Assignments

2015-2016:  Scholarship committee

Mentoring Activities:
2013-2014:  Texas Academy of Leadership in the Humanities Mentor Program: Meet with a TALH student, Nicholas Collins, once a month to discuss his performance in Econ 2301 and his academic activities at Lamar in general.  

Other Institutional Service Activities:
2014-2015:  Academic Enhancement Workshop Presentation:Organized a workshop to introduce economics to freshmen as part of Academic Enhancement Workshop series hosted by STARS.

Community Service 

Media Contact
2015:  Economic consulting, Provided academic background information on local and regional GDP for Eric Besson, staff reporter of Beaumont Enterprise, who was working on Beaumont's GDP in comparison to our neighboring cities.
2015:  Beaumont Enterprise, I helped Michelle Heath at Beaumont Enterprise, who is currently working on the story on cost of living in Southeast Texas. I have introduced her to the known theoretical and empirical findings in urban economics. 


Intellectual Contributions

Refereed Articles 

  • Watanabe, H. (in press, 2016).  Let Tiebout Pick up the Tab: Pricing out Externalities with Free Mobility.   International Journal of Economic Theory.
  • Berliant, M. & Watanabe, H. (2015).  Explaining the Size Distribution of Cities: Extreme Economies.   Quantitative Economics.

Presentation of Refereed Papers 

  • Watanabe, H. (2015). A Spatial Production Economy Explains Gross Metropolitan Product.   55th Congress of European Regional Science Association, Lisbon, Portugal.
  • Watanabe, H. & Berliant, M. (2015). A Scale-Free Transportation Network Explains the City-Size Distribution.   11th World Congress of the Econometric Society, Montreal, Canada.
  • Buyukeren, A., Donayre, L., & Watanabe, H. (2013). GDP Distribution of Cities.   60th Annual North American Meetings of the Regional Science Association International, Atlanta, United States of America.

Papers Under Review 

  • Berliant, M. & Watanabe, H. (2015). "A Scale-Free Network Explains the Size Distribution of Cities," 2nd revise and resubmit to Quantitative Economics.
  • Watanabe, H. (2015). "A Production Economy Explains the Zipf's Law for GDP," Initial submission to Journal Of Urban Economics.

Intellectual Contributions-Other 

Applied or Integrative/application Scholarship

  • 2013: Watanabe, H., Referee's report.  Submitted a confidential referee's report on one of the candidate papers at Journal of Urban Economics requested by the journal editor Gills Duranton.