Steven McCrary


Steven W. McCrary, Ph.D., P.E., P.L.S.
Director of Reese Construction Management Program
Associate Professor of Construction Management

P.O. Box 10565
Beaumont, TX 77710

Office: Galloway Building, Room 231
Phone: (409) 880-7558

Ph.D.   Missouri University of Science and Technology
M.Tech.   University of Texas at Arlinton
B.S.   University of Texas at Arlington

Courses Taught


Capstone Construction Project 
Comprehensive Examination 
Construction Cost Management 
Construction Graphics and Layout 
Construction Management Internship/Independent Study
Construction Soils and Earthwork 
Construction Surveying 
Electrical and Mechanical Systems 
Fundamental Mechanics  
Industrial and Mechanical Construction 
Introduction to Construction Management
Legal Practices in Construction 
Structural Behavior II 

Professional Experience

Academic Experience 

Director and Associate Professor, Lamar University, Reese Construction Management Program (June, 2008 - Present), Beaumont, Texas. 

Associate Professor of Construction Management, Missouri State University, Department of Industrial Management (June, 2004 - May, 2008), Springfield, Missouri. 

Associate Professor, John Brown University, Division of Engineering and Technology (June, 1999 - June, 2004), Siloam Springs, Arkansas.

Assistant Professor, Louisiana Tech University, Department of Civil Engineering (June, 1992 - November, 1995), Ruston, Louisiana. 

Research Consultant, Corps of Engineers, Tri-Service CADD/GIS Technology Center, Information Technology Laboratory, Waterways Experiment Station (June, 1993 - August, 1993), Vicksburg, Mississippi. 

Visiting Assistant Professor, Purdue University School of Civil Engineering (August, 1991 - June, 1992), West Lafayette, Indiana.

Graduate Research Teaching Assistantship,University of Missouri-Rolla, Engineering Management Department (September, 1989 - August, 1990), Rolla, Missouri. 

Surveying Laboratory Assistant, University of Texas at Arlington, Department of Civil Engineering (August, 1979 - May, 1980), Arlington, Texas. 

Office Assistant, University of Texas at Arlington, Department of Civil Engineering (August, 1976 - May, 1979), Arlington, Texas. 

Non-Academic Experience 

Senior Civil Engineer, Crafton, Tull and Associates (November, 1995 - June, 1999), Grove, Oklahoma. 

Project Design Engineer, Shimek, Jacobs and Finklea, Consulting Engineers (September, 1980 - August, 1989), Dallas, Texas.

Survey Crew Rodman, Chas. Starnes and Assoc., Consulting Engineers (May, 1979 - August, 1979), Arlington, Texas. 

Engineer's Aide, Texas Department of Highways and Public Transportation (May, 1978 - August, 1978), Ft. Worth, Texas. 

Maintenance Crewman, Missouri State Highway Department (May, 1977 - August, 1977), Joplin, Missouri. 

Highway Department (May, 1976 - August, 1976), Joplin, Missouri. 


Professional Service 

2014 – 2015:  ACCE (National).  ACCE Mentor to the University of New Mexico for reaccreditation of their construction educational program.
2011 – 2012:  Engineers Without Borders-LU Student Chapter, Beaumont, Texas (Local).  I am the Belize project mentor for the EWB-LU student chapter.  I average 2-3 hours per week working with the students on planning and design of a restroom facility for a high school in Chunox, Belize.

Member: Committee/Task Force

2014 – 2015:  AGC Southeast Texas, Beaumont (Local).
2012:  ACCE Subcommittee on Standard 103 (National).
2011:  ACCE Subcommittee on Online Courses (National).

Other Professional Service Activities

2015:  Face-to-Face Meeting (Local).  Meeting with Nicole Walston.
2015:  Face-to-Face Meeting (Local).  Meeting with Randy Harper.
2015:  Face-to-Face Meeting (Local).  Meeting with Mike Jenkins.
2015:  Face-to-Face Meeting (Local).  Meeting with Mike Roebuck.
2015:  Face-to-Face Meeting (Local).  Meeting with CM Alumni.
2015:  Face-to-Face Meeting (Local).  Meeting with Chuck Mason.
2015:  Face-to-Face Meeting (Local).  Meeting with ISTC regarding safety.
2015:  Face-to-Face Meeting (Local).  Meeting with Kal Kincaid.
2015:  Face-to-Face Meeting (Local).  Meeting with Craig Messer.
2014:  Face-to-Face Meeting (Local).  Meeting with Craig Messer, Chairman, ABC on June 08, 2014.
2014:  Face-to-Face Meeting (Local).  Meeting with Ms. Patty Colline of ISTC regarding instruction of CMGT course on Safety on May 21, 2014.
2014:  Face-to-Face Meeting (Local).  Meeting with Mr. Mark Byars with Trans-Global Solutions, Inc., regarding internships, student recruitment, and career placement, May 21, 2014.

Institutional Service 

Department Assignments

2015-2016:  CM Provost Task Force: Describe the strategic plan and performance of the Reese Construction Management Program to the Provost. 2015-2016:  CM Curriculum and Evaluation  
2014-2015 – 2015-2016:  ACCE Accreditation  

Faculty Advisor:
2011-2012 – 2012-2013:  Construction Management Student Association  

Faculty Sponsor:
2015-2016:  CMAC Strategic Planning: Met with the CMAC regarding strategic initiatives of the council and the program.

Department Assignments

Other Institutional Service Activities:
2011-2012:  CM Online Course Development  

Department Assignments

Other Institutional Service Activities:
2011-2012:  Move CM Program to CoB:  During the Summer 2012, moved the CM Program Office from the COE to the CoB.  

Department Assignments

Other Institutional Service Activities:
2011-2012:  Taught CVEN course, Fall 2011  

College Assignments

2015-2016:  Facilities, Technology, & Space Development Committee (Co-Chair)  
2013-2014 – 2014-2015:  Institutional Resources Committee Lamar University  

2015-2016:  Executive Committee  
2015-2016:  Commencement Committee  
2012-2013:  Institutional Resources Committee Lamar University  

Other Institutional Service Activities:
2013-2014:  BGS Key Stand Construction  

College Assignments

Other Institutional Service Activities:
2011-2012:  Modified and maintained the CM Web pages  

University Assignments

Faculty Advisor:
2015-2016:  EWB Belize Project Faculty Mentor: closed the Belize project
2011-2012 – 2013-2014:  EWB Belize Project Faculty Mentor: closed the Belize project

2015-2016:  University Undergraduate Curriculum Committee  
2013-2014:  AVP Facilities Search Committee  

University Assignments

Other Institutional Service Activities:
2013-2014:  CM Lab Construction  

Community Service 

Other Community Service Activities
2015:  In-class service learning project/LU Community Garden, Built storage shed for LU's Community Garden
2014:  In-class service learning project/City of Beaumont Parks and Recreation, Built concrete pads Cricket Field at Tyrell Park.

Positions Held in Civic Organizations
2015:  Habitat for Humanity Board Member, monthly meetings

Intellectual Contributions

Refereed Articles 

  • Shahi, A., Safa, M., McCable, B., Safa, B., Hwang, S., McCrary, S. (in press, 2015).  Creating a Memorable Lecture and Facilitating Comprehension.   Southwestern Business Administration Journal, 12 (2).



  • 2015: Hwang, S., Safa, M., & McCrary, S. W., Teaching Structure for Construction Management, Co-Principal Investigator, TEXO Foundation.

Working Papers 

  • McCrary, S. W. & Zani, S. J. (2014). "Toward the Development of a Construction Ethic."
  • McCrary, S. W. (2012). "Sustainability in the Construction Industry."
  • McCrary, S. W. (2012). "Developing a Hands-on Industrial Construction Management Online Curriculum."

Intellectual Contributions-Other 


  • 2015: McCrary, S. W., Construction Ethics.