Minor in Business Law

students smile laptop work together business law

Non-business and business students may minor in Business Law. 

Such students should complete:

BULW 1370 Business Environment and Public Policy
BULW 3310 Business Law.

Four of the following courses must also be completed, including at least two additional BULW courses: 

BULW 3320 Employment Law
BULW 3330 Environmental Law,
BULW 3340 Business Ethics
BULW 4390 Special Topics (Entertainment Law, Estate Planning Fundamentals, International Law, Real Estate Law)
POLS 3301 Legislative Process
POLS 3313 Judicial Process
POLS 4390 Administrative Law
COMM 4310 Communications Law
COSC 3325 Computer Laws and Ethics
CRIJ 4313 White Collar Crime

Other business-related law courses may be pre-approved by the program supervisor.