Francisco Badua


Dr. Francisco Badua
Associate Professor of Accounting and Business Law

Phone: (409) 880-8649
Office: Galloway Business Building Office 257
Office Hours: MWF 12:30-1:30pm MW 3:10 - 3:50pm

Ph.D.   Rutgers University
M.B.A.   Rutgers,  Newark
B.S.   Saint Peter's College
Solutions Architect SAP TERP 10

Courses Taught


Adv Accounting Info Systems 
Advanced Auditing 
Cost Accounting 


Financial Statement Analysis 
Global Enrichment  
Managerial Accounting 


Cost Accounting 
Intermediate Accounting I  
Intro to Financial Accounting
Intro to Managerial Accounting 
Special Problems 
Special Problems in Business

Professional Experience

Academic Experience 

Assistant Professor, Lamar University (2009 - Present), Beaumont, Texas.

Assistant Professor, McNeese State University (September, 2003 - May, 2009), Lake Charles, Louisiana.

Instructor and Research Assistant, Rutgers University (September, 1999 - May, 2003), Newark, New Jersey.

Non-Academic Experience 

Junior Accountant, Daily News, L. P. (July, 1996 - July, 1995), Jersey City, New Jersey.

Federal Tax Accounting Intern, Merrill Lynch (June, 1995 - October, 1994), New York, New York.


Institutional Service 

College Assignments

2015-2016:  Multicultural Enhancement Committee  
2015-2016:  Facilities, Technology, & Space Development Committee  
2014-2015 – 2015-2016:  BUSI 2300  
2014-2015:  Accreditation and Assessment Committee Lamar University  
2013-2014 – 2014-2015:  Institutional Resources Committee Lamar University  
2013-2014:  University Professor/Merit Award Committee  
2012-2013 – 2013-2014:  Assessment Committee Lamar University  
2011-2012:  Faculty Development Committee Lamar University  

University Assignments

2014-2015:  Faculty Senate  
2012-2013:  University Curriculum Committee

Intellectual Contributions

Refereed Articles 

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Presentation of Refereed Papers 

  • Badua, F. & Burns, C. (2016). Tripling the Pass Rate: How an Accounting Program in a US State University Increased the CPA Exam Pass Rate among Its Students.   AAA, NYC, New York.
  • Badua, F. & Burns, C. (2016). They Can Count Beans, Now How About Writing and Critical Thinking?   AAA, NY, New York.
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