MBA - Traditional

MBA Students

We encourage you equally to apply for the Lamar University MBA, whether you have an undergraduate degree in business or one in a non-business disciplines. The MBA is a highly respected vehicle for enriching undergraduate study in science and engineering, liberal arts, and the social and behavioral sciences, as well as for adding depth to the traditional undergraduate business disciplines.

If you do not have previous undergraduate study in business, the MBA consists of 54 semester hours (21 courses). The program consists of nine leveling courses, a required core of eight courses and four elective courses that will allow you to develop a concentration. One or more of the nine leveling courses may be waived if you have completed equivalent undergraduate coursework or can demonstrate proficiency in the area covered by the leveling course.

The nine leveling courses may be completed after admission to graduate study or before admission when registering as post baccalaureate student. Undergraduate students are limited to six semester hours of graduate work in the last twelve hours of coursework.

If you enter the MBA with an undergraduate degree in business from an accredited business school, you will likely have satisfied the graduate leveling work, and all of the nine foundation courses may be waived. The MBA program will then consist of 36 semester hours (12 courses), including eight core courses and four elective (concentration) courses.