“Leadership is communication to people their worth and potential so clearly, that they see it in themselves.” –Dr. Steven Covey

Can you create a climate of organizational trust? Develop a shared organizational purpose? Align systems to support your organizational purpose? Unleash the full potential of organizational human capital? Lamar’s MBA Leadership Concentration will help you develop leadership qualities that are essential for success. Employers seek to hire people with critical soft skills. In fact, companies often send their employees to corporate training to attain these skills. Our leadership concentration courses teach the well-known FranklinCovey® content in a for-credit setting.

This concentration trains you in FranklinCovey principles of leadership

Through these courses, taught in a workshop environment, you will:

Gain understanding and learn how to apply the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.

Learn how to unleash the talent of teams through the 4 imperatives of Great Leaders.

Identify and learn how to close trust gaps within organizations.

Create managerial work plans using FranklinCovey®4 Disciplines of Execution.

Use The 5 Choices to Extraordinary Productivity to achieve extraordinary results.

Develop negotiation skills important in the effective management of change.


MGMT 5312 – Personal Leadership

MGMT 5313 – Team Leadership

MGMT 5314 – Tactical Leadership

MGMT 5315 - Strategic Leadership

MGMT 5316 – Performance Leadership

MGMT 5360- Human Resource Management

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