M.B.A. Concentration: Marketing

 Finance student, Lance Taylor

Marketing is a process that matches the wants and needs of a customers with an organization's ability to meet these wants and needs by providing appropriate goods and services. It creates value for customers by:

  • Giving them suitable products (goods or services) as a price that they think represents a reasonable exchange value in return for their money, time and effort
  • Available at times and in places that are accessible and convenient
  • Communicating (or promoting) in ways that get the customers' audiences' attention, and stimulate them to respond. 

The M.B.A. Marketing concentration includes coursework that relates to marketing strategies relevant to an evolving digital marketplace. Other topics include international marketing and an overview of entrepreneurship.


Any four course from the following list:

MKTG 5340: International Marketing

MKTG 5350: Digital Marketing

MKTG 5360: Consumer Behavior

MKTG 5370: Marketing Research

MISY 5380: Enterprise Systems/ Customer Relationship Management

MGMT 5311: Concepts Concepts and Applications for New Ventures

MGMT 5350: Strategic Cases in Services Marketing and Management