Healthcare Administration

Dr. Toni Mulvaney and student

In Lamar University's M.B.A. in Healthcare Administration degree program you'll learn the principles of global business leadership and understand how to manage the complexities of leading the business-related aspects of the constantly changing healthcare sector.

Due to an aging population and healthcare reform, healthcare is the fastest-growing sector in the U.S. economy. Lamar University's M.B.A. in Healthcare Administration online program offers the core leadership skills and business knowledge, along with specialized knowledge of healthcare-specific business topics to help you navigate those changes and lead healthcare facilities and businesses into the future.

According to an employee survey done by PayScale, respondents indicating the highest levels of satisfaction were employed in healthcare management and administration. Students of Lamar’s M.B.A. program come from both clinical and non-clinical backgrounds. This M.B.A. concentration gives you an understanding of business concepts that will enable you to lead in healthcare environments. The M.B.A. is broad and allows students who are not totally committed to remaining in healthcare to move into other industries.


ECON 5360 Healthcare Economics

MGMT 5320 Healthcare Entrepreneurship

MGMT 5330 Healthcare Strategy

MISY 5330 Healthcare Information Systems

MSNC 5312 Healthcare Policy and Finance

MGMT 5360 Human Resource Management

MGMT 5312 Personal Leadership

MGMT 5313 Team Leadership

BULW 5330 Employment Law

MSNA 5321 Planning and Organizing Healthcare Delivery

MSNA 5331 Directing and Controlling Healthcare Delivery

Course Requirements