Experiential Business and Entrepreneurship

Dr. John McCullough

This concentration contains curriculum designed to take you through the process from idea generation to business concept to sustainable value. You'll learn how to perform an opportunity analysis and develop a business plan in order to launch a new venture. In addition, this concentration prepares you through hands-on application of practical business skills to use in the workforce.

Students in this concentration may have their own idea for a new business or may be interested in learning how to help others through the startup process. Many of the courses within this concentration allow students to work with clients and/or other students under the supervision of a faculty member to gain experience with the startup process.

An important opportunity within this concentration is a yearly conference, Ignite. Student applicants chosen to attend this all-expense paid, four-day conference in Silicon Valley take professional visits to world renowned companies and hear from venture capitalists to gain entrepreneurial insight. Previous company tours have been to Facebook, Dropbox, Tesla Motors, Square, Nest, Google, HP and others.


MGMT 5310  Entrepreneurial Strategy

MGMT 5311 Concepts and Applications for New Ventures

MGMT 5320 Healthcare Entrepreneurship 

MGMT 5390 Special Topics in Entrepreneurship

Students will have the option to take one of the following:

BULW 5330 Employment Law
MGMT 5360 Human Resource Management
BUSI 5360 Internship
BUSI 5370 Business Case Writing
BUSI 5380 Global Enrichment

Course Requirements