Business Analytics Certificate

graduate students

The U.S. has one-third of the world’s data. The vast wealth of digital information harnessed through data analytics can raise productivity of U.S. organizations and give them a sustainable competitive advantage. Business analytics is the process of collating, sorting, processing and studying business data, and using statistical models and iterative methodologies to transform data into business insights. The goal of business analytics is to determine which datasets are useful and how they can be leveraged to solve problems and increase efficiency, productivity, and revenue.

The proposed interdisciplinary Business Analytics certificate/M.B.A. concentration will give students exposure to: 1. Business Intelligence, 2. Marketing Research, 3. Data Mining and Predictive Analytics, 4. Healthcare Information Systems, and 5. Data Analytics in Accounting.

The following five courses need to be completed for the Business Analytics Certificate:

MISY 5360: Business Intelligence

MKTG 5370: Market Research

MISY 5370: Data Mining and Predictive Analysis

MISY 5330: Healthcare Information Systems

ACCT 5355: Data Analytics in Accounting

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