Zhe Luo


Dr. Zhe Luo
Assistant Professor of Construction Management

Office: 219 Galloway
Phone: (409) 880-8644

Ph.D., Clemson University

Courses Taught

CMGT 4270 Strategic Analysis and Evaluation

CMGT 4340 Construction Soils and Earthwork

CMGT 4350 Legal Practices in Construction

CMGT 4370 Construction Safety Management


Professional Experience

Dr. Luo received his Ph.D. in civil engineering with an emphasis of geotechnical engineering and is a registered P.E. He taught soil mechanics and foundation design at Clemson University, and multiple undergraduate and graduate courses of civil engineering at University of Akron. He received Outstanding Lab Instructor Award at Clemson University and Excellence in Teaching Award at University of Akron. His current teaching interests focus on construction management. He co-authored a textbook entitled Principles of Soil Dynamics, and was funded by Ohio Lake Erie Commission, Ohio Sea Grant and Texas Hazardous Waste Research Center.


Institutional Service    
Department Assignments
Faculty Advisor:2019-2020:  Construction Management Student Association  
College Assignments
Member:2020-2021:  College of Business Strategic Planning (task force - College Environment)  2019-2020 – 2020-2021:  Accreditation & Assessment  

Professional Service 
Academic Conference: Moderator / Facilitator
2020:  GeoCongress2020.
Board Member: PRJ Editorial Review Board
2020:  Journal of Safety Research.
2019 – 2020:  International Journal of Geotechnical Engineering.
2019 – 2020:  Marine Georesources and Geotechnology.
Reviewer - Article / Manuscript
2020:  Automation in Construction.
2020:  GeoCongress2020.
2020:  Journal of Safety Research.
2020:  Journal of Safety Research.
2020:  Geotechnical and Geological Engineering.
2019 – 2020:  Computers and Geotechnics.
2019:  International Journal of Geotechnical Engineering.


Intellectual Contributions

  • Luo, N., and Luo, Z. (2021). “Structural responses of statically indeterminate beams induced by soil spatial variability.” KSCE Journal of Civil Engineering, 25, pages1778–1789.
  • Luo, Z., Kim, M., and Hwang, S. (2021). “Effect of soil spatial variability on the structural reliability of a statically indeterminate frame.” ASCE-ASME Journal of Risk and Uncertainty in Engineering Systems, Part A: Civil Engineering, 7(1), 04020048-1. 
  • Hu, B., and Luo, Z. (2020). “Life-cycle probabilistic geotechnical model for energy piles.” Renewable Energy, 147, 741–750.
  • Wu, Z., and Luo, Z. (2020). “Life-cycle system reliability-based approach for bridge pile foundations under scour conditions.” KSCE Journal of Civil Engineering, 24, 412–423.
  • Zhu, F., Pan, E., Qian, Q., and Luo, Z. (2020). “Waves in a generally anisotropic viscoelastic composite laminated bilayer: Impact of the imperfect interface from perfect to complete delamination.” International Journal of Solids and Structures, 202, 262–277.
  • Jayasundara, U., Liu, X., and Luo, Z. (2020). “A Bluetooth app-based self-estimated infection model for airborne-based epidemic diseases.” In: 2020 IEEE Global Communications Conference: Selected Areas in Communications: E-Health, Taipei, Taiwan, December 7–11, 2020.
  • Luo, Z. and Hu, B. (2020). “Bayesian model calibration for geotechnical design of energy piles.” In: GeoCongress2020, Minneapolis, MN, GSP 316, ASCE, pp. 677–685.
  • Luo, Z. and Wu, Z. (2019). “Reliability-based design cost optimization of laterally loaded drilled shafts considering spatial variability of clays.” In: GeoSt.John’s2019, St. John’s, Canada, September 29–October 2, 2019.
  • 2021: Bernazzani, P., Nguyen, T., Jao, M., Qian, Q., Li, X., Zhe Luo Establishing a Solution to the Problem of Managing Dredge Waste, Co-Principal Investigator, Center for Advanced in Port Management.
  • 2021: Hwang, S., Zhang, J., Tokgoz, B., & Luo, Z., Increasing Resiliency and Safety of Waterways and Ports: A Noble Approach Based on Drone and Artificial Intelligence, Co-Principal Investigator, Center for Advanced in Port Management.
  • 2020: Nguyen, T., Luo, Z., Jao, M., & Bernazzani, P., Chemical Decontamination and Stabilization of Texas Dredged Materials, Co-Principal Investigator, Texas Hazardous Waste Research Center.
  • 2020: Hwang, S., Luo, Z., Zhang, J., & Tokgoz, B., DARTS – Drone and Artificial Intelligence Reconsolidated Technological Solution for Increasing the Oil and Gas Pipeline Resilience, Co-Principal Investigator, Center for Midstream Management and Science.