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Welcome to the LU College of Business podcast, Accelerate! where you can learn all about the College of Business' students, faculty, classes, news, events, and so much more! Tune in for real conversations on relevant topics between our students, professors, staff, and alumni. This episode is an introduction to what listeners can look forward to hearing this year.


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Episode 0

    In our first episode we have the theme of mentorship where our student guests Ecclessia Utley who will help you the listeners to know what Lamar life is like. They will talk about college life, school life balances, and some tips for what they can do. This cooperation conversation will be both informative and chill where we hope you are able to learn what the school is like, but also you will be able to use this to have a better Lamar experience. 

Episode 1

    Would you like to know about the business student experience at the Lamar University College of Business? This episode offers a discussion about college life, school-life balance, tips for surviving class, finding resources, what to do to get involved, and other student life topics. Join co-hosts Emily Alvarez and Diana Martinez as they talk with Cle Utley, a sophomore management major, and Dominique Smith, a freshman marketing major, about how the 2022-23 school year has kicked-off, goals for the semester, and more!


Episode 2

In this episode our host, Emily Alarez will talk with Dr.Ellen Zimmerman, instructor of human resources at the LU College of Business. Their dicussion will take you on a deep dive of the HR major at lamar University, as well as topics about Zimmerman's background in HR, her passion for the feild, and the classes she teaches. She also discusses some trending topics in HR, things she wishes she knew at the start of her career, and helpful tips to for students.

Episode 3

In this episode, hosts Elizabeth Newman and Werner Seigmund discuss special business topics. This week's highlight: "The Great Reshuffle." They sit down with professor of economics, Dr. John McCollough to talk about the recent phenomena of younger generations quitting or moving from job to job repeatedly. McCollough lends his expertise and insight on the breakdown of what it all means. You can read more in the article they discuss, 'Back-to-Business: "The Great Resignation," "Quiet Quitting," and "The Great Reshuffle," What Do They All Mean?' by Larry Lou, which was recently published in The Medium. Listen and learn about the current state of the workforce, the economy, and what the future looks like for those entering the job market in the next several years.

Episode 4

Join hosts Emily Alvarez and Diana Martinez for a chat with two leaders of the college’s most active student organizations, Caleb Parker and Dion Tran. Learn about each org they are involved in, exciting updates, upcoming events and initiatives, how to become a member and more!

Bonus Episode: Business Week 2022!

Learn all about the College of Business' exciting events taking place during Business Week, November 7 -11, 2022!

Welcome Back! Spring 2023

The Accelerate podcast is back to bring you the best news and topics for the LU College of Business' student body. We have new things in store to share with you. So be sure to stay tuned!

Episode 5

Join hosts Diana Martinez and Cle Utley and special guest, Tien Nguyen, as they discuss all things crypto! Tien is the co-founder of Lamar University's Blockchain Student Society. He breaks down all we need to know about this student org and the emerging importance of understanding this type of currency. Listen and find ways to learn, how to get involved, and what the BSS has in store for the spring semester!

Episode 6

 In this episode, hosts Diana Martinez and Clee Utley, sit down with marketing senior Werner Siegmund to discuss his experiences as a student at Lamar University and the College of Business, why he chose his major and what he enjoys about his journey so far!


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