The following are requirements for applying to the dual MBA/Master of Science in Management Information Systems at Lamar University:

  1. You must satisfy requirements for application to both the MBA program and the M.S. MIS program individually (including GRE/GMAT requirements).
  2. You must apply to and be accepted by both major departments. You can apply and be admitted to either degree and then request to be added to the second degree provided you meet all admission requirements for the second degree.
  3. You must meet the graduation requirement of each program individually, including minimum grade point averages and time limit policies.

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Graduation Requirements

Remember that:

  • Requirements and policies for both the MBA and the M.S. MIS programs apply so long as you're enrolled in both programs.
  • You do not need to complete degree plans for both programs at the same time.
  • GPAs for both programs are computed separately. You will be enrolled as a student in the dual degree program so long as you meet minimum standards for continuation in each program. In the rare case that you are dismissed or withdraw from one program, you may continue and complete the other program as long as you meet the minimum standards in that program. You must fulfill all requirements for regularly admitted students in the remaining program.


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