Lamar University students, medical cannabis scientists

Lamar University students were medical cannabis scientists for a day at Compassionate Cultivation, one of the three cannabis dispensaries in Texas. Professor of Cannabis, Health and Environment, Margot Gage, working Gage Storywith Professor of Border Crimes, Jesse Garcia, arranged for a group of medical cannabis students to study biology and chemistry for a day at the pharmacy in Austin.

Students who attended take a medical cannabis course at LU, an interdisciplinary course that combines medicine, plant biology, chemistry, history, sociology, policy and business. Students in the Medical Cannabis course obtained first-hand knowledge and learned what it takes to be part of the legal cannabis industry.

"The value of this field trip is it brings real world experience to the classroom which fosters lifelong-learning," said Gage. "It also stimulates students from diverse backgrounds to take part in the legal cannabis industry. Lamar University is a high minority and first-generation serving campus. The aim with the field trip is to expose Lamar students to the cannabis industry and provide them with hands-on experience that they normally would not have access to."
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