Alvarez presents graphic novel 'Legend of Polloman' with indie game and art installation

Gonzalo Alvarez



Gonzalo Alvarez, raised in Port Arthur, Texas, is a Latino illustrator, game designer, and creative director and founder of Macua Studios. He'll present his exciting new project on October 19 in the Lamar University CICE 113A at 4:00 pm, followed by an indie game and art installation from 5-9:30 pm in the Hatchery.



Despite growing up in a low-income household and the confining community of his small hometown, Alvarez pursued a BFA in Drawing at Lamar University and brought to life the quirky characters and whimsical worlds of his comics and video games. After directing his first game, "Borders," a game based on his parents' immigration story, Alvarez received international attention, and his game was featured on Univision, in the Washington Post, and by other media groups. These features led to the game's invitation to prestigious festivals such as Sheffield Doc/Fest Alternative Realities in the UK and Latin America and the Indiecade showcase at E3 2017 in Los Angeles.



Alvarez's current project, "The Legend of Polloman," is a Mexican fantasy graphic novel rooted in his passion for Mexican folklore and his own Hispanic roots, and it answers a lack of Mexican representation in pop culture media. Readers follow a Mexican boy who journeys to a mystical world in which he overcomes internal struggles and vanquishes terrifying folkloric creatures. Polloman is a contemporary role model for young children, both Latino and non-Latino, one with whom they connect and through which, in addition to future Polloman toy and game adaptations, they can experience Hispanic culture in various forms of media.

Category: Hispanic Heritage