Current Workshops

Currently, we offer our Style Workshop Series every semester. Watch our Facebook page for details on time and place. Also, faculty can request a workshop be presented in class at any time.

The Style Workshop Series

This series consists of three separate workshops that cover the basics of APA, Chicago/APSA/Turabian, or ACS formatting. More than a simple lesson in citations, these workshops aim to teach the purpose of academic style guides, the conventions of discipline-specific writing, and the formatting specifics of each style. In short, you'll learn everything from how to create your title page to why we need these style guides in the first place. Each workshop is presented separately, so you'll only learn information that is relevant to you and your field. See the links below to check out the Prezis for each workshop.

Chicago/APSA/Turabian Workshop                   APA Workshop                      ACS Workshop

Past Workshops

Avoiding Plagiarism: The Fastest Way to Get an F

This workshop is designed to educate students about all types of plagiarism, spanning from accidental plagiarism to purposeful plagiarism. Why is buying an essay plagiarism? What if it’s just one sentence? The presenter will walk students through the answers to these questions and also discuss ways in which to avoid plagiarism, such as citing sources.

Writing Great Resumes and Cover Letters: Get Noticed in a Good Way

Putting your best foot forward is difficult, especially if you don’t have much work experience or have never created a resume. It isn’t as simple as adding your name and education. Even if you feel your resume and cover letter writing are stellar, you can still learn something about the trends in this workshop.

Critical Thinking: How to Understand Everything

Even if you’re a freshman, you’ve probably heard teachers talk about the importance of critical thinking skills, but they may not have told you why and how to think critically. You use these skills every day, but this workshop will help you apply them to your coursework.

What’s the Difference Between Summary and Analysis? It’s Not a Book Report!

This workshop is a must, particularly if you’ve had to write either of these types of essays. Great for any type of class where writing skills are important, this session will walk students through the definitions and examples of the differences in summary and analytical writing. Also includes a helpful handout with questions to assist in analysis.

Citations and Annotated Bibliographies Decoded: The Bibs & the Blurbs

At some point in your college career, you will have to cite sources and/or create an annotated bibliography. What is an annotated bibliography, and why should you know how to create one? This workshop specifically addresses the basics of citations and useful resources for those having to write using sources.

How to Write a Good Thesis Statement: Thesis Terrors

Writing a good thesis statement is like building a strong solid foundation for a house. If it’s weak, the whole thing might come tumbling down. But how do you write a good thesis statement? Are there any tricks? This workshop takes writers step by step through thesis statements – the good, the bad, and the ugly.