The Writing Center offers professional editing and copy editing services for book manuscripts, journal articles, and Ph.D or Master's theses. A team of professional editors and copy editors are available to work with faculty and graduate researchers* to provide clean, clear prose and cogent content. 

Our editors have experience in various fields including business, science, arts, and professional writing and publishing. Each brings to the editing process specific knowledge relating to his or her field of expertise. 

Faculty who are proofreading editors charge $8 per page. Trained graduate students charge a lower rate of $6 per page. Additional consideration of the rate per page may be discussed depending on the level of editing you require.

You may contact the center for more information.

Jennifer Ravey, Director




*For graduate students requiring editing services, we require written permission from your thesis supervisor before proceeding.



Our writing center carefully defends its position that our writing consultants are not mere proofreaders. Why then would we offer a paid proofreading/ editing service? The main reason is that we believe there are circumstances where the writing process is about learning--a process with which we do not want to interfere-- and then there are times when writing is a professional endeavor with very little room for mistakes. To a large degree, graduate students and faculty members write at an advanced level, and when they are writing authoritative, scholarly material--to include in papers for publication, dissertations, grant proposals, etc.--it is often a matter of sensibility for them to hire an editor, since this allows the writer to spend more time on more substantive concerns in their writing and research. This is why we have developed a professional editing service. Specifically, in keeping with our university's code of academic integrity, we do not provide editing services for standard writing assignments or undergraduate research. We will not typically edit papers of fewer than thirty pages. Students requiring or desiring assistance with standard writing assignments and short research papers are encouraged to make an appointment with a writing center consultant.