How to Become a Writing Consultant

The Writing Center posts all jobs here. Please check before asking about open positions.

Position Summary: The Writing Center seeks competent, enthusiastic writing consultants to work with students from across campus, LIT, and local high schools (dual credit students) to help them with various writing skills: invention, organization, drafting, proofreading, revising, etc. Extensive training is provided.

Essential Job Duties:

  • Attending mandatory training
  • Collecting student report forms for sessions
  • Greeting students and welcoming them to the Writing Center
  • Meeting with students for 30- or 60-minute sessions in person and online
  • Reading and assessing student writing at any stage in the writing process
  • Providing helpful feedback and insight to writers
  • Documenting cancelled or no-show appointments
  • Scheduling student sessions as needed
  • Assisting with the front desk for short periods as requested
  • Assisting in outreach for university events
Required Qualifications:
  • Must be a current undergraduate or graduate student at Lamar University
  • Must have a strong GPA, typically 3.5 or higher
  • Must have excellent writing skills, both with lower order and higher order concerns (grammar & mechanics/organization, development, style, etc.)
  • Must have strong critical reading skills
  • Must be punctual, organized, and efficient
  • Must be outgoing and open to working with a students from a variety of disciplines
  • Must have strong interpersonal skills
  • Should be malleable and willing to receive feedback
  • Must have familiarity with Microsoft Office, iPad use, apps, and other basic computer skills
  • Must have a strong sense of ethics
  • Should be able to work independently and with minimal supervision
  • Should be curious and eager to learn more about writing across the disciplines
  • Must maintain a professional demeanor
  • Must uphold policies of the Writing Center
  • Must uphold privacy policies of Lamar University
Consultants will not:
  • Draft student papers
  • Edit student papers
  • Type student papers

Once potential candidates have been identified, please be prepared to communicate with the director to schedule an editing test and mock session, the preliminary step in the hiring process.