Social Work Student Association

Opportunities for social work majors to participate in student organizations are provided at the University and Program levels. The Social Work Student Association was organized in 1978 and chartered in accordance with the University policies and procedures for all campus student associations. The Social Work Student Association and information is listed in the Lamar University Handbook (online). The student association provides students with and opportunity to become involved in campus and community activities that promote social work values and practices for individuals and groups in the community. Membership is open to any social work major or pre-major.

The purpose of this organization is to promote unity among all students of GCSW.

Our goals are as follows:

    1. to promote a cohesive and collaborative environment for social work students to promote student leadership on campus and in the community
    2. to promote academic scholarship among all social work students
    3. to enhance collaboration between the community and the university
    4. to promote communication among students, faculty, and administration

Membership into the Association is open to all social work students; a nominal semester membership fee of $5.00 is required, but no one is refused participation because of inability to pay dues. Meetings for the SWSA are held once a month and are scheduled monthly. For more information you may contact Deb Tomplait in the Department of Social Work at 880-7872.