Field Information

Prospective students will find information about the types social work internships and the requirements of the practicum (internship) process.  Current field students will find forms here required for the course. A background check will be required for all students entering field placement.

All forms and requirements of the practicum process are included. Most important for students are the following:

  • Social work program Field Manual. Please note at the bottom of the page the Criminal Background Check Requirements. (listed separately).
  • Social Work Intern Declaration (p. 17)
  • Criteria for Selection of Field Practicum Agencies (p. 7)
  • Minimal Requirements for student participation in field practicum (please note GPA and prerequisites (p. 11)
  • SOWK4100: 1 hour preparation class (p. 11)
  • Professional Liability Insurance (p.1 2)
  • Transportation (p. 13)
  • Syllabus (p. 18)
  • Student Evaluation Instrument (p. 38)

Please contact Lori Wright, Field Director, if you have any questions.
Office: Maes 90
Phone: 409-880-7771