Undergraduate Degree Requirements

Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice

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The Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice will be awarded upon completion of the following requirements:

A.  General Requirements:

See core curriculum of the Lamar University General Catalog
Math requirement:  MATH 1314 plus a statistics course.

B. Criminal Justice Core - 36 semester hours including:

  1. 21 semester hours required: CRIJ 1301, CRIJ 1306, CRIJ 2313, CRIJ 2328, CRIJ 3311 and CRIJ 4311 and  CRIJ 4321
  2. Criminal Justice Electives (3 semester hours - any level)
  3. Advanced Criminal Justice Electives (9 semester hours)

C. Social / Behavioral Science Cognate Courses - 3 semester hours

Selected from ECON 1301, PSYC 4320, ANTH 2351, SOCI 3390 or SOWK 2371

D. Research and Analysis Courses - 9 semester hours

  1. Research Methods:  CRIJ 4380, PSYC 3420, SOCI 4380, or SOWK 4380
  2. Computer Science: COSC 1371

E. Criminal Justice Field Experience (3 semester hours): CRIJ 4340.

If student has prior criminal justice field experience, the faculty advisor may substitute an additional CRIJ approved elective.

F. Minor or Approved Electives - 18 semester hours, nine of which must be advanced.

G. Electives - Sufficient electives to complete the 120 hour degree requirement.

Bachelor of Arts

The Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice will be awarded upon completion of the following requirements:

A. General Requirements:

Meet the University's core curriculum requirements for a Bachelor of Arts degree, which are described in the University Catalog, and satisfy all departmental requirements.

B. Departmental Requirements:

Criminal Justice Core and Research / Analysis requirements.

Minor in Criminal Justice

Total of 18 hours required for the minor

Three lower division courses:

Required Courses:

CRIJ 1301

CRIJ 1306

AND one of the following courses:

CRIJ 1310
CRIJ 2313
CRIJ 2328

PLUS any three (3) upper division CRIJ courses