Student Profile - Lisa Topping

My name is Lisa Topping and I played soccer and studied Psychology as an undergraduate at Lamar. I graduated with my BS in Psychology/minor in Kinesiology in May 2013. I chose psychology because I watched my Mum provide rehab to those who had been impacted with a brain injury. I found it interesting seeing how their memory and learning had become impaired through the injury and the techniques used to retrain the memory of individuals.Lisa Topping playing soccer

After graduating with my undergraduate degree in Psychology I remained at Lamar to get my Masters degree. I stayed at Lamar for more education because the faculty are always supportive of any ideas or curiosities I may have outside of the classroom. I can always ask for help when needed and extra information on a topic I find particular interesting. The professors at Lamar have a diverse interest in psychological topics so its nice to be able to talk to an expert of the field whether its biological psychology with Dr. Kirk, clinical psychology with Dr. Aronson, or social psychology with Dr. Shelton.

After graduating from Lamar post-masters I hope to be accepted into a PhD program with the opportunity to continue research. The psychology department at Lamar has definitely put me in good stead for achieving my goals and has spurred my interest to go further in the psychological field.