Pre-Law Program

One of the traditional routes to law school is a four-year undergraduate degree in Political Science. Students may pursue either the Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science or Bachelor of Science degree in Political Science as candidates for admission to a school of law. Both degrees retain the values of a liberal education (such as history, English, and foreign language) and the enhancement of technical skills (including computer science, accounting and mathematics). With a large number of free electives and 18-hour minor, the Bachelor of Arts or Science in Political Science afford considerable flexibility in meeting each student's unique educational and career needs.

Cecille Miller

Cecille Miller
Texas Legislative Internship Program
Legislative Session
A Pre-Law Counselor in the Political Science Department specializes in advice to Pre-Law students, maximizing their chances for success on the Law School Admission Test and assisting them in the process of application to law school. Professional resources and links to law schools in Texas can be found on the Pre--Professional Pre-Law webpage.

Juniors and seniors may also take part in the State Attorney General's Internship Program and various legislative and local government internships.

Legal Internships - Pre-Law

Exceptional students may qualify for a cooperative education program available in the legal profession. They earn up to six semester hours of elective internship credit in their junior and senior years while working half-days in local law firms. Law office experience is combined with academic assignments to develop skills useful to the potential lawyer. Admission to the program is by permission of the chair of the Department of Political Science.