Minor in Legal Studies

Minors in Legal Studies must complete 21 semester credit hours of required courses and approved electives. A grade of C or better is required in all courses in the minor. At least 15 hours must be advanced and taken in residence.

Legal Studies Minors are required to complete the following courses:

COMM 2335 Argument and Critical Thinking
CRIJ 4300 Legal Research, Brief Writing and Oral Advocacy
PHIL 2303 Introduction to Logic
POLS 3313 Judicial Process
POLS 4312 American Constitutional Law

Students may choose 6 hours from the following approved electives:
BULW 3310 Business Law
BULW 3330 Environmental Law
CRIJ 3300 Advanced Criminal Law
COMM 4310 Communication Law
POLS 4322 International Law and Institutions

Students are encouraged but not required to complete at least one Legal Internship. Legal Internships must be approved by the Pre-Law advisor and are offered only to students with junior or senior standing and with a minimum cumulative grade point average no less than 3.0. All persons seeking a certificate in Pre-Law must minor in Legal Studies.

Minor in Political Science

(No grade less than "C")

A 21 hour Political Science minor consists of nine hours of lower division courses plus twelve hours of advanced courses. The lower division courses are:

POLS 1301 Introduction to Political Science
POLS 2301 Introduction to American Government I (See University Core Curriculum)
POLS 2302 Introduction to American Government II (See University Core Curriculum)
The twelve hours of advanced work may be chosen from among the department's offerings at the 3000 and 4000 levels, excluding Directed Study and internships.

A minor in Political Science may not be used for Pre-Law Certification. All students seeking Pre-Law Certification must minor in Legal Studies through the Department of Political Science.