Helpful Links for Political Science Students

This list of links is meant to be helpful for students of political science. Neither Lamar University nor the Department of Political Science is responsible for the content of these non-Lamar sites. The sites are grouped into categories for your convenience. Some sites may overlap in categories.


Links for Studying American Politics

Links for Studying Political Philosophy

Links for Studying Comparative Politics and/or International Relations

Links for Studying Public Administration and/or Public Policy

Links for Statistical Research

Links for Studying American Policy

The White House

US Executive Branch Web Sites

The United States Senate

United States House of Representatives

Roll Call Online

Biographical Directory of The United States Congress.

Congressional Budget Office

US Legislative Branch Web Sites


United States Supreme Court

US Courts

The Law and Society Association

Federal Law Materials - Judicial Opinions


The Center for American Politics and Public Policy

National Political Index

Government Printing Office


Center for Responsive Politics

Democratic National Committee

Republican National Committee


Links for Studying Comparative Politics and/or International Relations

Comparative Politics and International Relations Links

The Journal of Comparative Politics

International Relations and Security Network

International Affairs Library

Asian Studies Virtual Library

Latin American Network Information Center

Center for Russian and Eastern European Studies

United Nations

US Department of State

Links for Studying Public Administration and/or Public Policy

The American Society for Public Administration

National Academy of Public Administration

International City/County Management Association

Texas City Management Association

Texas Public Policy Foundation

The Brookings Institution

The Cato Institute

The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities

The Century Foundation

The Heritage Foundation

The Hoover Institution

The Urban Institute

Links for Statistical Research

Bureau of Justice Statistics

The Census Bureau

The Gallup Organization

Inter-University Consortium for Political and Social Research

National Opinion Research Center

The United States General Accounting Office

Zogby Analytics