Mr. Brian Williams

Brian Williams

Dr. Brian Williams

Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science
Ph.D. University of North Texas, Public Administration and Management
MPA, Lamar University, Public Administration
BS, Troy University, Criminal Justice and Military Science
Master Sergeant (U.S. Army, Retired)

"An Advanced Degree in Public Administration - is it Valued by City Councils?" with Vanderleeuw, James M., Jason C. Sides in Public Administration Quarterly. 39(3):453.
"Social, Legal, and Legislative Challenges to Disaster Management." Review of "Asia-Pacific Disaster Management: Comparative and Socio-Legal Perspectives" eds. Simon Butt, Hitoshi Nasu, and Luke Nottage in Journal of Contemporary Eastern Asia. 14(2):81-86.
"Social Media, Trust, and Disaster: Does Trust in Public and Nonprofit Organizations Explain Social Media Use During a Disaster?" with Jesus Valero and Kyungwoo Kim in Quality and Quantity, 52 (2):537-550.