Graduate Course Inventory

POLS 5320 Directed Reading
Graduate students may study individually with an instructor in an area of mutual interest to the student and the instructor.
Prerequisite: Graduate standing and approval of Chair, Department of Political Science.

POLS 5350 Administrative Theory
An examination of major theories dealing with organizations and their characteristics and effect on public administration and executive behavior. Emphasis will be placed on the relationships between theories and supporting empirical research.
Prerequisite: Graduate standing

POLS 5351 Human Resource Mgmt
Personnel theory and practice in the public setting. The basic methods and functions of personnel administration in the context of public organizations, employee motivation, employee relations and collective bargaining are emphasized.
Prerequisite: Graduate standing.

POLS 5352 Fiscal Administration
The study of formulation and administration of federal, state, and local government budgeting, including the role of the budget in the policy process, approaches to budget formulation and analysis, and other basic concepts and practices in government budget and finance administration.
Prerequisite: Graduate standing.

POLS 5353 Public Policy Formulation
The process of policy-making within governmental agencies and within the total political process. Emphasis will be placed on decision-making, public policy analysis and policy implementation.
Prerequisite: Graduate standing.

POLS 5354 Spec Studies in Pub Admin
Analysis of selected problems in public administration: urban and regional planning and management, administrative reorganization, the environment and related problems. Course may be repeated as topics vary.
Prerequisite: Graduate standing.

POLS 5355 Applied Research Methods
Application of knowledge of public policy and social science methodology to the planning, execution, and reporting of public policy research.
Prerequisite: Graduate Standing Offered: Other

POLS 5358 Internship
Practical administrative experience in a local, state, regional or federal office or agency that is the equivalent of one-half time for one semester, full-time in a summer semester. Examinations and reports on practices and problems in agencies are required. This course may be waived for students already employed in an administrative capacity in a government agency if they elect three additional hours from the approved program courses.
Prerequisite: Graduate standing