Community News

Dr. Elena Sandovici hosted her first solo art show in Houston, TX on July 27, 2018. Her show was titled "Platform." She also hosted a book signing on August 14, 2018 "The Adventures of Miss Vulpe."

Sandovici art show

Dr. Sandovici and LU Political Science alum- Tara Hoch enjoy the reception at the art show.

Sandovici book signing

Dr. Sandovici signs books at her signing event in Houston

Study Abroad - Italy, 2018

Five political science students participated in a Study Abroad trip to Italy in June 2018. They completed coursework in Political Psychology. They traveled to Rome, Catanzaro Lido, Serra San Bruno, Reggio Calabria. They toured local shops, learned about the political and social climate, toured a silk co-op, met with migrants in international villages, met with experts on international migration, as well as traveled to many historical sites.

Reagan Minaldi

Raegan Minaldi - Roman Forum

Connor Raborn and Emily Lawrence

Connor Raborn and Emily Lawrence - Collosseum

Emily Lawrence

Emily Lawrence - Pizzo Calabro

Katey McCall
Katey McCall - St. Peter's Square

Students at the Vatican

Vatican - Emily Lawrence, Connor Raborn, Reagan Milaldi, Dustin Boyd, Katey McCall

Study Abroad students 2018

Connor Raborn, Emily Lawrence, Dr. Brian Williams, Katey McCall all ran into each other at the DFW Airport as the students headed to Italy and Dr. Williams to a FEMA Conference.

Katey McCall at Sera San Bruno

Katey McCall - Sera San Bruno

St. Peter's Square

St. Peter's Square

Spanish Steps

Spanish Steps

Connor Raburn at the Colosseum

Connor Raborn - Colosseum

Connor Raborn at silk co-op in San Floro

Connor Raborn at a Silk Co-op in San Floro

Connor Raborn and Raegan Minaldi at Torre Di Ruggiero

Connor Raborn and Raegan Minaldi at Torre di Ruggiero

Political Science Alum - Will Robbins (2013) was elected Secretary of the Texas Republican Party - June 2018

Will Robbins - Republican Party


MAY 2018 - Graduation

Graduation May 2018

Dr. Williams, Robert Root, Dr. Nelson, Maegan Collins, Jordan Rodeheaver were excited for graduation.

Oh the places they'll go...

U of H Law Schoool Bound - Fall 2018

Robert Root
Siara Dodds

Robert Root and Dr. Davis
Siara Dodds and Mr. Tahaney

Political Science Majors Taking a "PAWS" form studying to visit with therapy dogs at the LU Library, December 2017 and May 2018

LU Ambassador's Welcome Event - May 2018

The political science department has three student who serve as LU ambassadors. In May 2018 Katey McCall and Govin Kaggal were welcomed as Ambassador's joining Emily Lawrence who all represent our department and college.

Katey McCall LU ambassador

Katey McCall is welcomed as a new ambassador, she joined her sister Emily McCall (a biology major) who was already an ambassador

Kaggals LU ambassadors

Govin Kaggal joined his sister Serene Kaggal (a psychology major) who was already an ambassador

MPA Outing - Paying Respects to First Lady Barbara Bush - April 2018

MPA students 2018

MPA Students Mikala, Devillier and Maegan Collins and Professor Gubala attended the viewing for Former First Lady Barbara Bush in Houston. All three were interviewed by several TV stations.

Pi Sigma Alpha Initiation - April 2018

Toast to Leadership Banquet - April 2018

Toast to Leadership Banquet 2018
Congratulations to our majors that were recognized at the Toast to Leadership Banquet! Maegan Collins is the outgoing Senator for the College of Graduate Studies; Robert Root is the outgoing Chief Justice of the SGA Supreme Court; Govin Kaggal is the incoming Senator for the Reaud Honors College; Raegan Minaldi is the incoming Chief Justice of the SGA Supreme Court and served on several SGA committees in 2017-2018.

Robert Root 2018 Senior of Significance

Robert Root Senior of SignificanceSeniors of Significance were announced at the Toast to Leadership Awards Banquet on April 18, 2018. The evening recognized 20 seniors. The Lamar University Seniors of Significance was created by the Division of Student Engagement in 2016. The award recognizes those seniors for excellence in scholarship, leadership, and community service and for bringing distinction to Lamar University. Congratulations to Robert Root for being named a Senior of Significance!

Dr. Easterly - Honors Student Association Professior of the Year

Dr. Easterly 2018

Charles VanWright - Intership - City of Vidor

  • Charles VanWright 2018I am a junior at Lamar University majoring in Political Science. This past semester (Spring 2018) I was privileged to perform a public policy internship with the City of Vidor working directly for City Manager Mike Kunst. I was offered this internship by Dr. Davis, to which I am forever grateful, and I was directed by Dr. Williams who was always available and extremely helpful throughout my internship. During my time with the City of Vidor I was fortunate enough to see the inner workings of city governance and structure. I attended numerous city council meetings, met and conversed with the heads of each of the city departments and even met with officials from other municipalities and officials on the County level.

  • My overall mission with the City was to help grow the hotel and lodging industry in Vidor. City Manager Mike Kunst was supportive of my ideas and allowed me to lead in certain projects (which was tremendously educational and also very fun). The highlight of my internship was when I was able to present agenda items before City Council. After weeks of research, phone calls and also with the guidance of Mr. Kunst, I presented four different agenda items before the Mayor and Council. After a vote was taken, all four of my propositions passed unanimously.

  • If you are currently considering performing an internship, I would highly suggest saying yes. It certainly takes a village, but with the support of your professors, the agency where you are interning and friends, it becomes educational and fun.

2018 Recognitions

Judge and Mrs Stevens with Maegan Collins

Mrs. Marcia Stevens, Maegan Collins (MPA 2018) and Judge Stevens at the 2018 Scholarship Banquet

Recognition poster 2018

2018 Arts and Sciences Recognitions

Politics of Western Democracies - Spring 2018 - De. Sandovici's Class Project

Democrakee- Skee ball game for Politis of Wester Democracies class

democraskee image 1
Two students playing democraskee
Students playing democraskee

Dr. Sandovici’s Western Democracies class outdid themselves again this year in creating “Democraskee” a skee ball game where they practiced trivia demonstrating knowledge they gained throughout the semester.

LU Ambassador Community Service Day - January 2018

Community Service Day 2018Political Science major and LU Ambassadoe Emily Lawrence volunteered at Spindletop-Gladys City Boomtown

MPA Student Maegan Collins presented at the Southern Political Science Association's Annual Meeting - January 2018 - New Orleans, LA

SPSA Maegan Collins and Dr. Nelson
"Theology and Geography: The Politics of State Personhood Initiatives." - Dr. J.P. Nelson and Maegan Collins
Maegan Collins at SPSA 2018

Study Abroad - New Zealand - December 2017

Below are a few pictures from Katy McCall's study abroad experience

New Zealand - Katey McCall

New Zealand waterfall

New Zealand

snow in New Zealand

December 2017 Graduation

Tara Hoch graduation speaker

Tara Hoch was the student speaker at the College of Arts and Sciences Commencement and graduated with a B.A. in Political Science

Siara Dodds December 2017 graduate
Siara Dodds graduated with a B.S. in Political Science snowed here even at the SBS Building

Snow at LU December 2017

December 8, 2017

Intro to Comparative Politics - Fall 2017 - Dr. Sandovici

Dr. Sandovicci - Fall 2017
Students in Dr. Sandovici’s Intro to Comparative Politics class created a project to learn about other countries. Dr. Sandovici always inspires her students to learn creatively in all her classes.

Court Obervation  - Judicial Process Class - Fall 2017

Brooke Chilla, Conor Raborn, Judge Larry Gist, and Raegan Minaldi
Judge Gist allowed our students to observe from the juror box for the entire voir dire and trial processes.
Court Observation - Fall 2017

Volunteering to help SETX recover from Harvey

Sara Gubala and Kennedy at shelter - 2017
Sara Gubala and Kennedy - 2017
Sara Gubala and her crisis dog Kennedy helped at the Thomas Jefferson Middle School Red Cross Shelter for 2 weeks
Katey McCall at Humane Society - 2017
Katey McCall helps the SETX Humane Society recover from Harvey
Katey McCall participated in Lamar University’s Harvey Heroes program. She volunteered over 40 hours in the first several weeks of the semester to help our area recover from Hurricane Harvey. In doing so, she received credit for POLS 4361.