Awards and Scholarships

Dawson Award for Best Undergraduate Political Science Student

The Dawson Award for Best Undergraduate Political Science Student is the highest honor our department bestows upon a student. It was established in 1988 to recognize outstanding undergraduate achievement.
Dawson Award recipients have gone on to achieve great professional success. Past Dawson recipients include numerous university professors and professional educators, one university athletic director, one corporate transactional business executive, 16 practicing attorneys and two current law school students.

Dawson Award Winners

2017-2018 Dawson Award for
Best Undergraduate Political Science Student

Tara Hoch
Robert Root

The Department of Political Science is fortunate to have a number of scholarships made possible by the generosity of former students and community leaders. Each year, the faculty members in the department meet to select scholarship recipients from among our many exceptional majors. With the exception of the one-semester only Mayor Frances Monk Scholarship in public service, our department scholarships cover the entire academic year with financial deposits made directly into the recipients' Cardinal One accounts at the beginning of the fall and spring semesters. 

Marilyn and Gilbert Adams Jr. Scholarship in Pre-Law

Established by the children of local attorneys Marilyn and Gilbert Adams, Jr. in honor of their parents, the Adams Scholarship is open to sophomore, junior and senior level students majoring in Political Science with a demonstrated intent to continue their education after graduation to obtain a Juris Doctorate degree.
2018-19 recipient of the Marilyn and Gilbert Adams Jr. Scholarship in Pre-Law - Connor Raborn

Connor Raborn scholarship recipient

David J. Beck Regents Scholarship in Political Science

The David J. Beck Regents Scholarship in political science increased the endowment to the status of Regents Scholarship in 2016. Mr. Beck served as a Regent of the Lamar University System and also served on the Lamar University Foundation Board. He was also named a Lamar University Distinguished Alumnus and is an active trial lawyer. 
2018-19 David J. Beck Regents Scholarship recipient - Katey McCall

Katey McCall scholarship recipient

Jack Brooks Scholarship in Government and Public Service

Congressman Jack Brooks had a close personal relationship with Lamar University for over 50 years and due to the congressman's tireless efforts in the Texas Legislature, Lamar was propelled from a two-year college to a four-year university. The scholarship is awarded to outstanding students who seek a career in legal, government or teaching.
2018-19 Jack Brooks Scholarship recipients: Savannah Parfait and Emily Lawrence.

Jimmie P. Cokinos Endowed Scholarship for Equality in Education

The Cokinos Scholarship was established by the Cokinos family in memory of Jimmie P. Cokinos, who was a civic leader and former Mayor of Beaumont. With this scholarship, the Cokinos family seeks to fulfill his lifelong quest for justice and equality in education.
2018-19 Jimmie P. Cokinos Scholarship recipient - Emily Lawrence

Emily Lawrence scholarship recipient

Dr. Irving O. Dawson Scholarship in Political Science

Houston attorney David J. Beck established the Dr. Irving O. Dawson Scholarship in political science to honor his former political science professor for his mentorship and compassion for higher education.

2018-19 Irving O. Dawson Scholarship recipient - Raegan Minaldi

Raegan Minaldi scholarship recipient

Carl D. Levy Memorial Scholarship in Arts and Sciences

The Carl D. Levy Memorial Scholarship in Arts and Sciences was established in honor of Mr. Carl Levy by his wife, Doris Rosinger Levy. The scholarship is open to incoming freshmen with a priority in pre-law studies.
2018-19 Levy Memorial Scholarship recipient - West Brook High School senior and Fall 2018 incoming Lamar freshmen, Maissa Elsalibi.

Maissa Elsalibi scholarship recipient

Howard McDaniel Presidential Scholarship

The Howard McDaniel Presidential Scholarship was endowed by Helen Leger Laughman in memory and honor of her son, Howard McDaniel. Ms. Laughman specified in the endowment that the scholarship be awarded to exceptional students who have an interest in municipal government and public administration.
2018-19 Howard McDaniel Presidential Scholarship recipients – Tristen Anding and Savannah Parfait
Tristen Anding scholarship recipient
Savannah Parfait scholarship recipient

Mayor Frances K. Monk Award in Public Service

Frances K. Monk was elected mayor of Port Neches, Texas, in 1996 and served on the city council for 15 years and as an educator for 32 years. In honor of the contributions made by Mayor Monk, the Southeast Texas Regional Planning Commission established the scholarship in 2014 to provide a scholarship in the amount $500 each semester to a junior or senior political science student seeking a career in public service.
Fall 2018 Mayor Frances K. Monk Scholarship recipient - Connor Raborn

2017-2018 Best Undergraduate Paper and Research Awards

Each year, the faculty members of the Department of Political Science nominate the most outstanding papers they have received in their courses for consideration of the award of Best Undergraduate Paper.

Award Recipients:
Tristen Anding, "Guaranteed Paid Vacation and its Effects on the Health and Productivity Rates of Workers,“ nominated by Dr. Terri Davis.
Michael Edwards, "Examination of the S.W.A.T. Forces Program and the Effects of Newer Policies,“ nominated by Dr. James Nelson.
Best Undergraduate Research Presentation:

Wesley Stapleton, "The Rise of Volunteerism during Hurricane Harvey Compared to Volunteerism during Hurricane Katrina,” nominated by Dr. Terri Davis.

Department Scholarship Award Winners

Maissa Elsalibi and Lindsey Darby-Raby
Maissa Elsalibi and
Lindsey Darby-Raby (LU Alum)
Scholarship Recipients
Maissa Elsalibi, Katey McCall, Raegan Minaldi, Tristen Anding,
Emily Lawrence, Connor Raborn, Savannah Parfait